Practical Guide to Basic Japanese (Practical Guide to Basic Japanese, Linguistics patterns and Computer Processing)

Practical Guide to Basic Japanese

Linguistics patterns and Computer Processing


The purpose of this book is to teach students with no previous background in Japanese learn basic Japanese. It also aims to give the reader studying with a teacher a good grounding in spoken Japanese, enable him to communicate in most simple every day situations and concentrate on learning the two kana scripts - Hiragana & Katakana including recognizing of Kanji through comprehension. The main topics include are the Japanese writing system, the elements of Japanese grammar and other related text. The book is designed to serve as a text for self or group study as well as for formal courses in Japanese. The several features that you will find helpful are; (1) every grammatical points is illustrated with examples sentences in Japanese, accompanied by translations; (2) English translations are provided for portions of the Japanese exercises and Dialogues; (3) in addition to these there are other chapters discussing Japanese etiquette, salutations. Thus at every stage you will be able to gauge your progress and assess your mastery of the writing system, grammar, and daily usage vocabulary.


Indranil Nath
Indranil Nath

Dr.Indranil Nath is Fellow of Chartered Management Institute and Chartered Fellow of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT in England. He took his graduate studies in Japanese Language and Linguistics, and holds a post-graduate degree in Management and Systems Sciences and doctorate in Engineering Management. He has performed a number of major engagements and held positions, particularly relevant to Computer Assisted Instruction Systems, Japanese Information Processing, Software Engineering, Strategy & Execution, Information Technology Delivery, Business Process Transformation & Innovation.

He is former Associate of Chartered Institute of Linguist in United Kingdom, a professional membership body for language practitioners and holds Japanese Language proficiency certifications from Japan Foundation. He has also studied Gemba Kaizan, Japanese Manangement priciples for continuos improvement from JMA Management Center, Tokyo.








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