Practical Aurelia
Practical Aurelia
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Practical Aurelia

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Completed on 2018-03-02

About the Book

This book shows all the steps necessary for the development of SPA (Single Page Application) applications with the Aurelia. With this book you will learn:

  • How to create a project in Aurelia
  • How to create Aurelia plugin
  • Understand how the SystemJS imports works
  • Using HTTP to connect to a server
  • HttpClient
  • FetchClient
  • How to use Firebase
  • Authentication with Firebase
  • Firebase Collections(query)
  • Working with SW(Service workers)
  • Working with loopback
  • Working with Apache Cordova
  • Using Cordova plugins
  • Adding Crosswalk to the Cordova app
  • Configure and Deploy the Cordova app
  • Implement Cordova app with Aurelia
  • PWA
  • Planning an Aurelia Application
  • Aurelia Bundling
  • Webpack
  • Server Side Rendering

About the Author

Behzad Abbasi

Behzad is a front-end developer with close to 8 years experiencing in the web development industry. Initially starting out as a front-end developer before switching to a full-stack developer a few years into his career, he enjoys writing about Javascript and has a deep passion for the web.

Table of Contents

  • Five Practical Examples For Learning Aurelia
    • 1. Navigation Menu
    • 2. Inline Editor
    • 3. Order Form
    • 4. Instant Search
    • 5. Switchable Grid
  • Firebase
    • Creating a Firebase plugin for Aurelia
    • Firebase password authentication
    • Firebase ReactiveCollection
    • Enabling Offline Capabilities
  • Loopback
    • What is Loopback?
    • Creating server as loopback backend
    • Using generated REST API in Aurelia
  • Working with Apache Cordova
    • What is Cordova?
    • Installing Cordova
    • Create a project
    • Add a platform
    • Run your app
    • Add Plugins
    • Updating Cordova and Your Project
    • Using Aurelia
    • Taking photos with a Cordova application
    • Installing Plugins
    • Adding Crosswalk
    • Configuring the App
    • Deploying the App
    • Using Aurelia
  • Planning an Aurelia Application
    • Project Management
    • Accessibility, i18n and environments
    • Development Process Methodology
    • Tooling and Development
    • Testing Methodologies
    • Codebase Distribution Strategies
    • Backend API
    • Performance Strategies
  • Bundling with Module Bundlers
    • Why bundle modules at all?
    • Aurelia Bundler
    • Webpack
  • Server Side Rendering
    • What is Server Side Rendering?
    • Isomorphic Code
    • Skeleton with SSR Pre-Configured
  • Conclusion

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