Postgres on Node
Postgres on Node


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Postgres on Node

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Last updated on 2016-08-01

About the Book

Here's a big claim: relational databases are the best primary data-store available for 90% of the apps you'll write. They're a great basis for fast, reliable backends that scale to millions of users.


Relational databases do a lot for you - like enforcing data quality and making lookups efficient. They're incredibly flexible to query, meaning your database designs will support new features without change. And Postgres specifically has advanced features like streaming and publish-subscribe that work fantastically with NodeJS.

About the Author

Tim M Ruffles
Tim M Ruffles

Founder of @sidekicksrc, trainer + contractor – Angular, D3, Node, Backbone. Maintains the Javascript Garden, runs Functional Javascript London. Speaks at user groups and conferences around Europe.

Table of Contents

  • Why PostgreSQL on Node?
  • How to use this book
  • Quickstart
    • Get the database
    • Grab the example code
    • Query 1
  • Our application
  • Designing our database
    • Our tables
    • Creating a new table
    • Relations
    • Relating data
    • Identifiers
  • Queries
    • Summary
  • Modifying data
    • Creating records
    • Update
    • Delete
    • Round-up
    • Summary
  • Grouping, ordering and more
    • Ordering & limiting
    • Grouping for aggregation
    • Summary
  • Database design
    • Normalisation
    • Relationship types
    • Indexes
    • Summary
  • Transactions
    • A complex operation
  • Concurrency: playing well with others
    • The problem
  • Structured data-types
    • Arrays
    • Ranges
    • JSON
  • Streaming
    • Why streaming
  • Publish-subscribe
  • ORMs
  • Deployment
  • Appendix: Promises
    • Returning promises from transforming functions
    • Handling failures
    • Branching logic
    • Combining promises
    • Resource management
    • Exercise: retrying
  • Appendix: Why pick Postgres over NoSQL

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