Poker In Practice… by Dusty Schmidt et al. [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Poker In Practice: Critical Concepts
Poker In Practice: Critical Concepts


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Poker In Practice: Critical Concepts

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Completed on 2014-08-14

About the Book

Once upon a time, the internet was a magical place where you could download special programs which enabled you to print money with a modicum of discipline and a smidgen of skill. These programs were called poker clients. While these “poker clients” still exist, their money-printing capabilities have been greatly obfuscated by hordes of hard-working regulars.

It’s no secret that poker has gotten tougher over the past decade. The fundamentals of solid play – tight and aggressive – are no longer a secret, even to recreational players. But there are still secrets left in this game. There are ideas that are foreign to many of the players who play millions of hands, even to many of the players who make a living at this game.

In this first entry in the Poker In Practice series, we show you these critical concepts up close and personal. These are concepts you need to understand in order to maximize your winnings in today’s tough games. Some of them are basic and almost self-evident. Others are subtle and harder to grasp. With each concept, we provide multiple real-life hand examples to show you exactly how to put the concept into practice. We will show you exactly how to make money by utilizing these concepts. We will help you learn how to print money again.

About the Authors

Dusty Schmidt
Dusty Schmidt

As his poker pseudonym "leatherass" suggests, Dusty Schmidt is the ultimate No Limit grinder. He has played well over 10 million hands and won over $5 million in his 9-year career. Despite putting enough volume in to become one of the first PokerStars SuperNova Elites in 2007, he has posted some of the highest win rates in the game. He later became a member of PokerStars Team Online. In addition to crushing games as high as $25/$50, he has written 2 books (Treat Your Poker Like a Business and Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth) and produced hundreds of poker coaching videos. He’s also awesome at golf, but that’s a story for another day. Or you can go read the feature that Sports Illustrated did on him.

Paul Christopher Hoppe
Paul Christopher Hoppe

Well known in Limit Holdem circles by his screen name "GiantBuddha," Paul has made poker his profession since 2006. He posted outstanding win rates in all formats of mid-stakes Limit Holdem before shifting his focus to No Limit in 2014. In addition to playing poker for a living, he has written two poker books (Way of the Poker Warrior and Don’t Listen to Phil Hellmuth), produced hundreds of poker videos, and coached dozens of poker students. He also teaches martial arts and yoga, writes fiction, and shreds a little lead guitar when time permits.

About the Publisher

This book is published on Leanpub by Poker Is A Skill

a publisher dedicated to the idea that poker is a skill that we can teach and you can learn

Poker is a game of skill. In the long run, the good players win and the not-so-good players lose. If you want to know whether someone is skilled at poker, all you have to do is look at their long-term results.

Whether you play primarily as a hobby or for a living, we are here to help you improve your poker skills. We can’t do the work for you. That’s up to you. But we provide the tools to help you get the most out of your effort.

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