PLC Programming from Beginner to Paid Professional Part 2
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PLC Programming from Beginner to Paid Professional Part 2

Learn How to Setup, Integrate & Program the Most Used Allen Bradley PowerFlex 525 Drive with Demo Videos

About the Book

How this Book can Help You

This short book is part 2 of my 4-part series on PLC programming. This Part 2 is an exhaustive collection of my tutorials and demo videos on how you can advance your knowledge of PLCs by working with PowerFlex 525 family of Variable Frequency Drives.

You will find this book very helpful if you are an electrician, an instrumentation technician, a manufacturing operator, an automation professional or engineer looking to looking to progress their career or level up their knowledge of PLC hardware and PLC programming skills.

There are 5 chapters in this book. They are accompanied with 16 in-depth HD demo videos that you can download. These videos simplify everything you need to understand, and help you speed up your learning of Allen-Bradley’s PowerFlex 525 drives and how to install them within a manufacturing environment. There is also a link in this book for you to download my PLC programs (codes) for your revision.

Since I assume you have little knowledge of PowerFlex 525 Drive and PLC programming, I prepared this book in such a way that when you read it and study the accompanying demo videos (16 episodes), you will not only have an in-depth knowledge of the different parameters which need to be configured in order to properly setup and utilize the PowerFlex 525 VFD, you will be able to make sense of the documentation, and gain a lot of job experience you need to build innovations and earn higher salaries.

In this book, I start with the basics, that is, connecting power and turning on the PowerFlex 525 hardware, and then move on to the control methods that don't even require you have the hardware. Then I proceed to the advanced control methods that utilize the EtherNet/IP protocol, as well as a CompactLogix 1769-L24ER-QB1B PLC. This will help you develop confidence in working with these Variable Frequency Drives.

So, after studying this book and the demo videos, you should develop a hands-on approach to wire a PowerFlex 525 drive, setup the parameters and control it with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and be able to use it in real world industrial applications.

The best way to master PLC programming is to use real world situations. The real-world scenarios and industrial applications developed in this book and its accompanying video demos will help you learn better and faster many of the functions and features of RSLogix 5000 platform.

The methods presented in the demo videos are those that are usually employed in the real world of industrial automation, and they may be all that you will ever need to learn.

Merely having a PLC user manual or referring to the help contents is far from enough in becoming a skillful PLC programmer. Therefore, this book is extremely useful for building PLC programming skills.

One of the questions I get asked often by beginners is, where can I get a free download of RSLogix software to practice? I provide later in this book links to a free version of the RSLogix Micro Starter Lite (which is essentially the same programming environment as the RSLogix 500 Pro) and a free version of the RSLogix Emulate 500.

In Chapter 4, I also provide links to download the demo edition of RSLogix 5000 / Studio 5000 Logix Designer to your system. Make sure you create an account at first. So, you don’t even need to have a full-blown PLC to learn, run and test your ladder logic programs.

I do not only show you how to get these important Rockwell Automation software for free and without hassle, I also show with HD videos how to install, configure, navigate and use them to write ladder logic programs.

About the Author

Bolakale Aremu
Bolakale Aremu

My name is Bolakale Aremu. I am multi-talented. As a computer engineer and a computer scientist, I have over 15 years of teaching experience in software development and computer hardware architecture. I am the CEO of AB Publisher LLC, a media publishing company. In the last few years I have helped the IT industry develop various useful programs on Windows, MacOS and PLCs (programmable logic controllers).

I always build solutions from scratch and go as far as modifying open source software to meet my client’s needs. As an embedded systems expert, I design embedded Systems that optimize performance and cost against complex requirements. I leverage Stratify OS (a POSIX like RTOS for micro-controllers) to quickly and cost-effectively develop complex firmware applications in Python and C/C++ languages. I work with a dedicated team of Python programmers who look into specific automation problems and proffer solutions to them.

For any inquiry, you can contact us with any of the email addresses below any time. If you want to contribute your knowledge to this website, or if you have a request, just send us your message. We promise to do our best to help.

Bolakale Aremu (CEO), Founder,

Table of Contents

  • 1. Hardware Overview & Getting Started
  • 1.1. PowerFlex 525 Connecting Power & Turning On the VFD
  • 1.2. PowerFlex 525 Hardware Overview
  • 1.3. PowerFlex 525 Wiring a 3 Phase Motor to the Variable Frequency Drive
  • 1.4. PowerFlex 525 Quick Start Documentation Walkthrough
  • 1.5. PowerFlex 525 Basic Parameter Setting for Motor
  • 1.6. Starting & Stopping the Drive through Digital Outputs of the PLC
  • 1.7. Running the Drive in Reverse through a Digital Output
  • 1.8. Setting a Speed Reference from the Keypad instead of Potentiometer
  • 2. Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Control from a PLC over EtherNetIP
  • 2.1. EtherNet_IP and Other Methods of Control Introduction
  • 2.2. Establishing an EtherNet_IP Connection to the PowerFlex 525 Drive
  • 2.3. Verifying Communication, Setting Parameters & Visualizing RSLinx Communication
  • 2.4. Adding the PowerFlex 525 Drive to the Studio 5000 Project and Going Online
  • 2.5. Configuring Drive Parameters, Starting, Stopping & Using a Speed Reference
  • 3. Programming PLC Control for the PowerFlex 525 VFD Studio RSLogix 5000
  • 3.1. Flashing the Firmware of the VFD 1.003 -- 5.002 - ControlFlash Software
  • 3.2. Basic Ladder Logic Implementation of VFD Control - ControlFlash Software
  • 3.3. PowerFlex 525 VFD Fault Handling and Status Logic - ControlFlash Software
  • 4. How to Download the Demo Videos, PLC Programs (Codes) & Demo Editions of RSLogix 5000 / Studio 5000 Logix Designer
  • 5. How to Get Further Help
  • 5.1. More Helpful Resources
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