The Pirates' Cavern
The Pirates' Cavern
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The Pirates' Cavern

Last updated on 2013-05-13

About the Book

When was the last time you spent time reading to your kids (more than just going through the motions)?

When was the last time you were so immersed into a world that a book transformed reading into real conversations with children?

This is not a typical book for children.

It is an entryway into a secret world (with twists and turns along the way).

This intial short story is to set up the world for your imagination to take over -- for both adults and children.

Where it goes is still a mystery.

It will be up to you -- and others -- to provide the options of where we can all go.


Join me in this quest to the Pirates' Cavern.

My initial ask of you is easy. Please download this book. Read it to your child (or children).

And send me an e-mail about what your experience was like together!


What else would be helpful in this, "About the book" section?

Please let me know.

About the Author

Michael Vizdos
Michael Vizdos

This is my first trial at public fiction.

It was created over many years of telling a story like this to my kids and I want to share this with the rest of the world.

The goal of this is not to create the perfect story.

The goal of this short story is to create a world for children -- along with an adult or another child -- to spend some real quality time in a world of imagination together.

Imagining what is possible.

Spend some time together and see where this leads you.

What else would be helpful in this, "About the Author" section? Please let me know!

About the Publisher

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