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Last updated on 2016-11-10

About the Book

PIMF Starter is a comprehensive book on PIMF PHP micro framework that will accommodate intermediate developers as well as beginners just starting out with PIMF. A hands-on guide taking you through application design, building console applications, and developing web applications.

About the Author

Gjero Krsteski
Gjero Krsteski

Agilist, passionate programmer, serial trainer, speaker, father and musician.

About the Contributors

Silas Lorenzen
Silas Lorenzen

System Engineer

Table of Contents

  • Welcome to PIMF
    • PIMF principles
    • Behind PIMF
    • Where to start
  • Feature overview
  • Server Requirements
  • Pretty URLs
    • Apache
    • Nginx
  • Installation & Configuration
    • Quick start with PIMF-Blog bundle using SQLite
    • Quick start with PIMF-Blog bundle using MySQL and SQLite
    • Quick start with PIMF-Vanilla bundle
    • Quick start with PIMF-Haanga bundle
    • Quick start with PIMF-Twig bundle
  • Auto-loading
  • Database connection configuration
    • Quick start using SQLite
  • Creating new application
  • Creating new controller
  • Run controller/action in two ways
  • Creating new command interface action
  • Routing
    • Routing Configuration
    • Routing restriction
  • Generating URLs
    • URLs To Routes
    • URLs To Controller Actions
    • URLs To Assets
    • URL Helpers
  • Events
    • Firing an event
    • Listening To Events
    • PIMF Core Events
  • Response & Headers
  • Request
  • Creating new Data-Mapper
    • Working with the Entity-Manager
  • Views & Template-Engines
    • Template Engines
  • Session configuration
  • Session usage
  • Cache configuration
  • Cache usage
  • Error handling
    • Custom 404 and 500 pages
  • Happy Util Libraries
    • HTTP Headers
    • Identifier
    • Identity-Map
    • Serializer
    • Json
    • File
    • Uploaded files
    • Uuid
    • Xml
    • Message
    • Input Validator
  • Contributing to PIMF
    • Forking PIMF
    • Cloning PIMF
    • Adding your Fork
    • Creating Branches
    • Committing
    • Pushing to your Fork
    • Submitting a Pull Request
  • Repositories & Branches

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