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PIMF Starter
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PIMF Starter

Last updated on 2016-11-10

About the Book

PIMF Starter is a comprehensive book on PIMF PHP micro framework that will accommodate intermediate developers as well as beginners just starting out with PIMF. A hands-on guide taking you through application design, building console applications, and developing web applications.

About the Author

Gjero Krsteski
Gjero Krsteski

Agilist, passionate programmer, serial OOP/OOAD trainer, speaker, husband, father and musician.

About the Contributors

Silas Lorenzen
Silas Lorenzen

System Engineer

Table of Contents

  • Welcome to PIMF
    • PIMF principles
    • Behind PIMF
    • Where to start
  • Feature overview
  • Server Requirements
  • Pretty URLs
    • Apache
    • Nginx
  • Installation & Configuration
    • Quick start with PIMF-Blog bundle using SQLite
    • Quick start with PIMF-Blog bundle using MySQL and SQLite
    • Quick start with PIMF-Vanilla bundle
    • Quick start with PIMF-Haanga bundle
    • Quick start with PIMF-Twig bundle
  • Auto-loading
  • Database connection configuration
    • Quick start using SQLite
  • Creating new application
  • Creating new controller
  • Run controller/action in two ways
  • Creating new command interface action
  • Routing
    • Routing Configuration
    • Routing restriction
  • Generating URLs
    • URLs To Routes
    • URLs To Controller Actions
    • URLs To Assets
    • URL Helpers
  • Events
    • Firing an event
    • Listening To Events
    • PIMF Core Events
  • Response & Headers
  • Request
  • Creating new Data-Mapper
    • Working with the Entity-Manager
  • Views & Template-Engines
    • Template Engines
  • Session configuration
  • Session usage
  • Cache configuration
  • Cache usage
  • Error handling
    • Custom 404 and 500 pages
  • Happy Util Libraries
    • HTTP Headers
    • Identifier
    • Identity-Map
    • Serializer
    • Json
    • File
    • Uploaded files
    • Uuid
    • Xml
    • Message
    • Input Validator
  • Contributing to PIMF
    • Forking PIMF
    • Cloning PIMF
    • Adding your Fork
    • Creating Branches
    • Committing
    • Pushing to your Fork
    • Submitting a Pull Request
  • Repositories & Branches

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