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Enterprise Piet

Programming as an Artform

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About the Book

Piet is a fungeoid programming language designed by David Morgan-Mar specifically to solve the real-world problems of Enterprise Software Development. Piet programs are represented by a patented and revolutionary arrangement of codels. The resulting programs sometimes look like abstract art.

Piet programs have two dimensions, unlike the linear, sequential programs of languages designed in the last century. Piet programs are thus optimized for managing cross-cutting concerns in an intuitive and obvious manner, with feature requirements coded on one axis and common concerns on the other.

Piet programs are optimized for working with multiple large, high resolution retina displays. Why use languages that would be at home on punch cards or IBM Selectric terminals? Take full advantage of the hardware you bought for WoW.

This book will teach you all you need to know to successfully propose a project porting your existing codebase to Piet, ensuring your employment for decades to come.

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Table of Contents

  • Programming with Piet
  • The Neoplastic Dynamic Database Mapper
  • Oracle and BigTable Integration
  • Beyond ORMs
  • Two-Dimensional Query Optimization
  • Single Page Web Application Development with Zig-Zag
  • WebSockets and End Tables
  • Animation with Broadway Boogie-Woogie
  • iOS and Android Development with Wheelbarrow
  • Experiments in Artistic Style for Music Programming
  • Appendices
  • De Programming Stijl Guide
  • Sample Program: A Piet Quine

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