Absolute Beginner's PHP
Absolute Beginner's PHP
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Absolute Beginner's PHP

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Completed on 2016-02-05

About the Book

If you want to learn programming and you are scared, welcome! This book is for you.

About the Author

Midori Kocak
Midori Kocak

My name is Midori. I am a world citizen, Computer Scientist & Engineer, and php and cakephp Expert. I really like jQuery too. I code PHP and web applications since dial-up years (2001). I like to contribute and create open source software projects. You can check them at: (http://www.github.com/mtkocak) I am always willing to learn new things even though I have 13 years of experience. I also design as a hobby. (http://www.behance.net/mtkocak) Other than coding and design, I like music, play guitar and drums, singing in choirs since I was 7. I believe in science and I am a woman who believes in equal oportunity for everyone. So I help women, lgbt people and students free of charge

Table of Contents

How to use Github?

How to learn programming?

Basic PHP and SQL

Preparation institutional website with HTML5 and CSS3

Dumping PSD design into HTML5

Creating  a company website according to New Turkish Commercial Code properly

Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0

What’s spaghetti code?

Bootstrap and Foundation CSS Libraries

Creating Project Architecture, Logic of Modeling Database

Foundations of Object Oriented PHP Programming, OOP with PHP

Preparation a Project with OOP in a Professional level

Causes Supported


An inclusive & global network providing support within the PHP community.

An inclusive & global network providing support within the PHP community.

Our aim is to provide a network of support in hope that women in the industry do not feel so alone and isolated. We do this by helping women to become more involved with the community, increasing female attendance at conferences as speakers and attendees, and providing a “female friendly” professional atmosphere.

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