PHP Fundamentals
PHP Fundamentals
PHP Fundamentals

Last updated on 2013-08-31

About the Book

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This book explains you PHP fundamentals using simple examples. If you are having difficulties in understanding things like PHP arrays, control structures, form submissions etc, this book will definitely be a helpful reference to you.

Currently this book contains 29 chapters under following three sections.

  • Basics section covers the language basics like installing & running PHP files, data types, operators and control structures.
  • Configuration section brings you the essentials you need to know about PHP configuration (php.ini).
  • Get and Post section covers all you need to know about form submissions & processing in PHP.

There is more content to be added and if you buy the book now, you will get all of them free of charge.

About Me

I started my professional career about six years ago and have gained sound knowledge in PHP, MySQL and related technologies. I experienced learning challenges of these technologies earlier in my career and have seen how other beginners struggle.

As a way of sharing my knowledge and helping beginners, I launched in 2010.

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MySQL Basics with PHP
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About the Author

Gayanath Jayarathne
Gayanath Jayarathne

Gayanath is a Software Engineer specialized in PHP. He has over six years of industry experience that include open source software and enterprise software. He is the founder of

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