Writing PHP with Emacs
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Writing PHP with Emacs

Turn vanilla Emacs into a powerful PHP editor.

About the Book

Important: This book is a work-in-progress.

My aim is for the book to teach you how to take a brand new Emacs installation and turn it into something tailored just for you. The planned list of content for the book looks a little like this:

Part 1 - Essential Packages

  • Using php-mode
  • Installation
  • First Steps
  • Useful shortcuts (for navigation, viewing documentation and editing code)
  • Customization - indentation and coding styles
  • Customization - documentation lookup
  • Customization - Using TAGS files
  • Evaluating inline code using php-send-region
  • Using web-mode
  • Installation
  • First steps
  • Useful shortcuts
  • Customization - indentation
  • Explanation and examples of all shortcuts

Part 2 - Getting More out of Emacs

  • Checking syntax (and more) with flycheck
  • Navigating projects using projectile
  • Using lsp-mode

Part 3 - Recipes

  • Setting per-project settings using .dir-locals.el
  • Generating code quickly with emmet
  • Looking up documentation with dash
  • Adding a project sidebar using dired-sidebar

Future versions will also include recipes for setting up Emacs to work with some common PHP applications. The current list is WordPress, Drupal 7, Drupal8 and Symfony.

About the Author

Phil Newton
Phil Newton

I am a freelance software developer living in beautiful North Carolina. The majority of my work involves building and maintaining custom PHP web applications, although I also spend a lot of time developing for WordPress and Drupal. For personal projects I like to mix things up and use a variety of languages from Ruby to Common Lisp.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • What this book is working towards
    • The structure of this book
    • Conventions
    • Learning more about Emacs
  • Part I: Essential Packages
  • php-mode
    • Overview
    • Installation
    • First Steps
    • Useful Shortcuts
    • Customization - Indentation and Coding Styles
    • Customization - PHP Documentation Lookup
    • Customization - Browsing Documentation Within Emacs
    • Customization - Generating a TAGS File
    • Evaluating PHP Code
    • Running PHP’s Built-in Server
    • Viewing PHP’s Configuration Paths with php-ini
  • web-mode
    • Overview
    • Installation
    • Configuring web-mode for PHP file extensions
    • First Steps
    • Highlighting embedded code
    • Useful shortcuts
    • Snippets
  • Part II: Getting More out of Emacs
  • Checking syntax (and more) with flycheck
    • Installing flycheck
    • Installing PHP checkers
    • Globally enabling and disabling checkers
    • Per-project enabling and disabling checkers
  • Quickly navigating projects with projectile
    • What is projectile?
    • Getting Started
    • Useful key bindings
  • Using lsp for intelligent code features
    • What is lsp?
    • What can lsp-mode do?
    • Installation
    • Configuring lsp-mode
    • Configuring lsp-ui
    • Installing and configuring each PHP lsp server
    • Setting up automatic-completion with company-mode
    • Adding icons to company-mode
  • Part III: Recipes
  • Generating HTML code quickly with emmet
    • Overview
    • Installation
    • Quick syntax overview
  • Looking up documentation with dash
    • Overview
    • Installation
    • Installing and using documentation sets
    • Automatically activating docsets for a mode
    • Setting per-project docsets
    • Fixing the GnuTLS error
  • Adding a project sidebar using dired-sidebar
    • Overview
    • Installation
    • Usage
    • Customization
  • Appendix
  • Appendix A: Intelephense Configuration Variables
  • Acknowledgments
  • Notes

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