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PHP Beyond the web

PHP Beyond the web

Shell scripts, desktop software, system daemons and more ... without learning a new language

Leverage your existing web based PHP skills to write all types of software. CLI scripts, desktop software, network servers and more - this book will give you the tools, techniques and background necessary to write just about any type of software you can think of, using the PHP you know. Scroll down to learn more about what's in the book.
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About the Book

PHP is no longer just a great scripting language for websites, it's now a powerful general-purpose programming language. Expand your use of PHP into your back-end systems, server software, data processing services, desktop interfaces and more.

This book will show you how to take your knowledge of PHP development for the web and utilise it with a much wider range of software systems. Learn how to create :

  • Interactive shell scripts
  • System daemons
  • Desktop software
  • Network servers

and more. We also cover related topics including :

  • Performance
  • Deployment
  • Licensing
  • System interaction

as well as covering software tools for development and outlining other great sources of technical information and help.

NEW CONTENT : Learn the basics of interfacing with electronics using PHP & the Raspberry Pi.

Enjoy the benefits of doing all of the above in PHP :

  • Save money by redeploying existing skills, not learning new ones
  • Save time and increase productivity by using a high-level language
  • Make money by providing your clients a full-stack service (not just web sites)

I've just finished reading the book and I can say it's one of the best PHP books I've ever read.

- Chris Piechowicz,  Zend Certified Engineer (@ChrisPiechowicz)

After years of preaching how easy and powerful PHP can be as a general purpose programming language, I finally found a resource that packs all the facts!

- Jefferson González, maintainer of the wxPHP project (

This book will introduce you to the tools, techniques and background necessary to program just about anything you can think of, using the PHP you already know. It will also take you through some of the tools used by serious software developers and engineers, and introduce further sources of information and online resources that will help you get serious about developing real software in PHP.

  • Read it completely risk-free with the 45 day money back guarantee
  • All three formats (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) are included in the price
  • No DRM nonsense. Easily read it on all of your devices, when you want.

Jump down to the full list of contents or have a browse through the book sample to see all of the topics covered in the book; from the CLI-SAPI to GUI toolkits, PHP performance to software installers.

If you still have any questions before you buy, e-mail (for questions about the content) or (for questions about buying the book & customer service).

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