Perfect Software Development
Perfect Software Development
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Perfect Software Development

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Last updated on 2019-10-07

About the Book

Is the world perfect? No, it's not.

Is the perfect software possible? Yes, it is, if we define the perfect software as follows: one that meets user's expectations, does NOT have defects, is horizontally scalable, and "always works" without an additional dedicated production support team. The perfect software allows development pace acceleration on projects of any complexity, instead of typical slowdown. It doubles ROI per developer, team, and software.

If you prefer to deny or resist this statement, it's your choice, and no offense taken.

If you are curious to learn How Exactly you can achieve perfect software, then you are my reader.

I am a software development perfectionist, and anybody who has ever worked with me would confirm. I have successfully implemented software systems that meet my definition of "perfect". Everything that I write in this book is what I do on a daily basis. I believe that I should share my expertise with the world today so that better software systems can be built tomorrow.

Before you get too excited, I need to warn you that the road may not be easy. It will require dedication, passion, belief, study, study, and study. Did I mention to study? For that reason, techniques described in this book may not be practically doable for everybody out of the box. However, it will at least define what's realistically feasible, and what it takes to get there.

I think I am clear about what I want to achieve with this book. Let's see how it ends. My ambitions are endless, and my excitement does not let me sleep.

Thanks for reading it and supporting the right thing to happen!

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About the Author

Tengiz Tutisani
Tengiz Tutisani

Tengiz Tutisani is a software developer, architect, coach, trainer, and speaker. He focuses on making the world a better place, by building better software systems and coaching everybody else to do the same. His primary passion is saturated around Domain Driven Design, Software Architecture, and Extreme Programming.

You can learn more about Tengiz at his personal/professional website:

About the Contributors

Gomti Mehta
Gomti Mehta

Technical Lead, Change Agent, HHSC

Gomti Mehta provided invaluable feedback for the manuscript in progress with the preface and three other chapters in it.

Romana Stasiv
Romana Stasiv

Scrum Master, Agilist, CSM, PSM

Romana Stasiv is an active reviewer and editor of the book. She has provided invaluable feedback for every non-technical topic covered in the book.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
    • Why I Wrote This Book
    • Meet Perfect Software
    • How Does This Book Help?
    • Who Should Read This Book and Why
    • How to Read This Book
    • Submitting Feedback About This Book
  • Part I. Introduction
    • History Behind Inefficient Monoliths
    • Why People Avoid Building Perfect Software
    • Software Development Perfectionism as a State of Mind
    • The Six Pillars of the Perfect Software
  • Part 2. Crosscutting Concerns
    • Execution, Leadership, Management
    • Organizational Structure
    • Processes, Ongoing Efforts, Teams
    • Culture
    • Recruitment
  • Part 3. Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Planning
    • Understanding Customer’s Needs
    • Organization’s Response to the Customer’s Needs
    • Requirements And Story Writing
    • Planning The Work
    • Carrying Out The Work
  • Part 4. Design And Architecture (Empty - Coming Soon)
  • Part 5. Development, Coding (Empty - Coming Soon)
  • Part 6. Testing, Quality Assurance (Empty - Coming Soon)
  • Part 7. Deployment (Empty - Coming Soon)
  • Part 8. Maintenance (Empty - Coming Soon)
  • Appendix A. Referenced Material

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