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About the Book

Table of Contents

  • one
    • pray do not
    • shrouds
    • musicians
    • york
    • smoke inhaled them
    • negative
    • exile
    • why hast thou forsaken
    • ensouled
    • eli eli
    • quod scripsi scripsi
    • neither any that go down into silence
    • flames
  • two
    • physician heal thyself
    • interstices
    • crucifixes
    • found it written
    • widowed words
    • it lights the page
    • the book
    • and death shall flee from them
  • three
    • falling
    • el cristo de cangas
    • son of man can these bones live
    • prayer
    • came to
    • wer wischt dies blut von uns ab
    • o it is ample
  • four
    • antoni tpies
    • czanne
    • tintoretto
  • five
    • christina
    • it is it is
    • covenant
    • for you see he didnt grow old
    • a vast unravelling
    • leonardo paris ms f
  • patricides
    • between gasp
    • avtalyon
    • his eye
    • i stand
    • inarticulable
    • keys
    • we draw a circle
    • palimpsest
    • since the
    • trespass
    • we draw a circle
    • kneeded
  • Notes

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Risk of Skin
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About the Author

David Pollard
David Pollard

David Pollard has been furniture salesman, accountant, TEFL teacher and university lecturer. He got his three degrees from the University of Sussex and has since taught at the universities of Sussex, Essex and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has published The Poetry of Keats: Language and Experience which was his doctoral thesis, A KWIC Concordance to the Harvard Edition of Keats’ Letters, a novel, Nietzsche’s Footfalls, and five volumes of poetry, patricides, Risk of Skin, bedbound, Self-Portraits and Finis-terre. He has also been published in other volumes and in learned journals and poetry magazines.

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