Painted Lady… 著 [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Painted Lady Stories
Painted Lady Stories
Painted Lady Stories

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Completed on 2014-12-24

About the Book

Over nine years of traveling the country telling stories in the lanes at various renaissance festivals as the Painted Lady has resulted in this compilation of stories. I have told thousands upon thousands of stories over the years, these are some that I remember and share. 

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About the Author

Angela Hunt is the Painted Lady, a children's entertainer and storyteller. She has professionally told stories for over nine years at Scarborough Renaissance Festival, Arizona Renaissance Festival, Carolina Renaissance Festival, Minnesota Renaissance Festival, and Oregon Renaissance Festival at Hillsboro. She has also done storytelling for private events including events for NASCAR, Preferred Sitters, and charities. In the past she wrote, directed, and performed in Enigma Murder Mysteries entertaining in western NY state. She also worked for ten years in mental health, but then found sanity in telling stories to children at faires. 

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