Building Organizational Intelligence
Building Organizational Intelligence
Building Organizational Intelligence

Last updated on 2017-12-12

About the Book

An intelligent organization is characterized by the following collective abilities:

  • an ability to make sense of complex situations and act effectively
  • an ability to interpret and act upon relevant events and signals in the environment
  • an ability to develop, share and use knowledge relevant to its business purpose
  • an ability to reflect and learn from experience

To make an intelligent organization, it isn't enough to recruit the brightest people, locate them in state-of-the-art office buildings, and provide them with the smartest computer tools and networks. Brainy individuals are often poor at talking to one another and sharing knowledge, let alone coordinating their work effectively. So many organizations fall short of their potential intelligence.

The book contains

  • a general framework and roadmap for understanding and improving organizational intelligence in your organization
  • a broad range of real-life examples, showing the presence and absence of organizational intelligence from various perspectives
  • guidance for specialist functions (including HR and IT) for contributing to the organizational intelligence agenda, as well as vendors wishing to support organizational intelligence in their customers

For the time being, the book remains a working draft, with a lot of rough edges. What this means is that I shall continue to improve the book, based on reader questions and comments, as well as experience and examples arising from my consultancy, training and other activities. Readers will be able to download the latest version. When it's reasonably clean I shall put the price up for new readers, so please buy now and help me improve it.

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About the Author

Richard Veryard
Richard Veryard

Having spent many years as an independent industry analyst and researcher, Richard is now working as an architecture consultant with Retail Reply.

Read his architecture blog at

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