Navajo: A Collection of NavajoWOTD Mini-Lessons
Navajo: A Collection of NavajoWOTD Mini-Lessons
Navajo: A Collection of NavajoWOTD Mini-Lessons

Last updated on 2013-04-27

About the Book

A special collection of Navajo Words of the Day from the first year of

Nearly a year ago we began posting Navajo word translations. Now, more than 200 posts and 22,000 typed words later, we're making it easier for you to access all of the information we've shared. With this collection, you can take NavajoWOTD with you on your smartphones, laptops, and you can even make printouts that fit nicely onto a regular sheet of paper.

Here's a snapshot of some of the topics we've covered this past year:

  • Months
  • Numbers (to 100)
  • Seasons
  • Kinship terms
  • Directions
  • Geographical locations (eg. "Monument Valley")
  • Verb conjugations
  • Colloquialisms (and more...)

Helping you learn Navajo by introducing small pieces of the language at a time is the driving philosophy of NavajoWOTD. We know many people out there want to learn Navajo, but maybe sometime down the road. There are also those who are actively exploring the Navajo language, but have difficulty finding resources to take with them when they're away from the internet. This NavajoWOTD collection is meant to be a simple companion for both of these types of learners - the casual reader and the devout student - alike.

Best of all, you're welcome to download this book absolutely free of charge (actually, you can pay whatever you want). You'll receive any future updates and additions that we make based on feedback from you, our reader, as we expand the collection to include better resources for the Navajo language learner.

Ahéhee' (thank you) for making this past year a great one for NavajoWOTD.

Please help us spread the word by sharing with your friends and social circles.

note: we're aware of the issue with the rendering of the ǫ character in a few of the headers in the book; once we find a way to fix it, we'll update the book and send to all our readers.

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About the Author


Byron Shorty is Tódích'íí'nii born for Hashk'aan Hadzóhí (Bitterwater clan born for the Yucca fruit strung out on a line clan). His early years were spent in the Round Cedar community located west of Leupp, AZ on the Navajo Nation.

Linguistics, although not his current course of study, is a topic of great interest to Byron, and it begins with the Navajo language. He recognizes the need for easily accessible resources for learning Navajo that take advantage of new technology and the internet.

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