Notes and observations on education taken from four different perspectives
Notes and observations on education taken from four different perspectives
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Notes and observations on education taken from four different perspectives

Last updated on 2018-10-21

About the Book

In the eyes of my 20-year-work anniversary I had the idea to present my personal views and thoughts on the accumulated experience I have regarding the challenges, the problems and the needs in the area of education and upbringing. In my last, almost twenty years of work experience, spent in institutions which primary activity is educational, have helped me penetrate the many areas in this field. In the years gone by I have had the privilege to analyze the area of education and upbringing from four different perspectives, which I believe, gives me the right to comment and give my personal views and reflections regarding it. Unlike the many participants in the educational processes, I am one of the rare ones, who has had the opportunity to switch jobs and analyze the process of education and upbringing through the eyes of a teacher, myself being one in the elementary school; through the eyes of a bureaucrat, myself being assistant manager in the Elementary and Secondary Education Department and part of the Ministry of Education and Science; through the eyes of an advisor employed at the Bureau for Development of Education (my current working position); and finally, through the eyes of a parent, father of boy twins, sixth graders. The people who work, or have worked, on only one of the previously mentioned work positions, can only perceive the educational process from their perspective, from their point of view, and they base their thoughts and reflections on that particular experience, without the knowledge and the experience of the other previously mentioned working positions. 

Accordingly, I have come up with the idea to write down my personal views regarding my experience connected to the problems, challenges and ideas in the area of education and upbringing. The main accent will be on the executive part of the educational process. What is written has no particular categorization or order.

About the Author

Janko Bilbiloski
Janko Bilbiloski

Janko Bilbiloski has a professor's degree in Philology, and a master's degree in HR management specialized in the education field.

He has taught for 8 years in basic school, worked as an adviser in the minister's cabinet for Education and Science, and has over 10 years experience working as an adviser in the Bureau of Education Development.

He is a husband and father of twins.

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