Noise of Creation
Noise of Creation
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Noise of Creation

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Last updated on 2015-05-03

About the Book

"Noise of Creation", when finished, will contain about one thousand short chapters. Some chapters will be hallucinatory, some poetic, some theological, some scientific and technical.

The format and content are inspired by the original version of Roget's College Thesaurus. In the original thesaurus, words and concepts were not arranged alphebetically as they usually are now. Instead, Roget created an elaborate taxonomy that organized every concept found in the English language into a tree with six main branches that eventually divided into 1,000 headings (consider these the tips of all the branches). This meant that synonyms were listed in order of meaning rather than by their alphabetic order.

My idea is to take this highly linear (and rather dry) structure, treat each heading as a blank space, and fill in each one with its own unique shades of narrative colour, gradually covering the canvas in a wild and dream-like mosaic of ideas. The end result will be a kind of postmodern devotional.

There will be duds. There will be meta. Writings will be connected to their headings not with logical rivets, but with the threads of emotion and creative intuition that make up dreams and nightmares. The chapters start with Existence (#0000) and Inexistence (#0001), and end with Canonicals (#0998) and Temple (#0999). You can see the complete list of headings online. The six volumes of the book will follow the six main classes of the Thesaurus' outline:

  • Abstract Relations
  • Space
  • Matter
  • Intellect
  • Volition
  • Affections

The book will be free until the first one hundred headings are completed, and after that I will set a minimum price. A detailed change log is included in the appendix of each updated edition as the book progresses.

About the Author

Joel Alexander
Joel Alexander

Joel is a writer of prose and poetry, a freelance editor and technology tinkerer. He writes for his own website The Local Yarn, experiments at The Secretary of Foreign Relations and has also produced the Howell Creek Radio podcast independently since 2008.

Table of Contents

  • To the Reader
  • Introduction
  • I. Abstract Relations
    • 0000. Existence.
    • 0001. Inexistence.
    • 0002. Substantiality.
    • 0003. Insubstantiality.
    • 0004. Intrinsicality.
    • 0005. Extrinsicality.
    • 0006. State.
    • 0007. Circumstance.
    • 0008. Relation.
    • 0009. Irrelation.
    • 0010. Consanguinity.
    • 0011. Correlation.
    • 0012. Identity.
    • 0013. Contrariety.
    • 0014. Difference.
    • 0015. Uniformity.
    • 0015a. Non-Uniformity.
    • 0016. Similarity.
    • 0017. Dissimilarity.
    • 0018. Imitation.
    • 0019. Non-imitation.
    • 0019a. Variation.
    • 0020. Copy.
    • 0021. Prototype.
    • 0022. Agreement.
    • 0023. Disagreement.
    • 0024. Quantity.
    • 0025. Degree.
    • 0026. Equality.
    • 0027. Inequality.
    • 0028. Mean.
    • 0029. Comparison.
    • 0030. Greatness.
    • 0031. Smallness.
    • 0032. Superiority
    • 0033. Inferiority.
    • 0034. Increase.
    • 0035. Decrease.
    • 0036. Addition.
    • 0037. Non-addition.
    • 0038. Adjunct.
    • 0039. Remainder.
    • 0039a. Decrement.
    • 0040. Mixture.
    • 0041. Simpleness.
    • 0042. Junction.
  • Appendix
    • Revision Journal
      • Notes to the 5th Release (February 24, 2013)
      • Notes to the 4th Release (August 20, 2013)
      • Notes to the 3rd Release (March 17, 2013)
      • Notes to the 2nd Release (September 22, 2012)
        • Chapter content
        • Writing in the Second Person
        • Dialogue and Narrative
        • Numbering
      • Notes to the First Release (August 13, 2012)
    • Change Log

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