Nodebots - Javascript and… by Wilson Mendes [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Nodebots - Javascript and robotic in the real world
Nodebots - Javascript and robotic in the real world
Nodebots - Javascript and robotic in the real world

Last updated on 2016-12-28

About the Book

Check the PT-BR version of this book clicking here

This book is for anyone who wants to take the first steps on Nodebots or who already worked with. Their contents will be shown with simple and low cost sensors some pain points on the real integrations of a Nodebot application, such as integration between external APIs from events reading some sensor data, as well as good practices in how to use automation for validations, tests, builds metrics and more.

In the end of this book you will know more about:


  • Nodebots and microcontrollers
  • What are nodebots, Microcontrollers and their integration with NodeJS
  • Installing NodeJS on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
  • Managing dependencies with NPM
  • Starting your NodeJS project
  • Adding packages and NPM commands
  • About Open source hardware
  • Installing Arduino IDE
  • Initial setup of Arduino
  • Firmata and Johnny Five
  • Creating a Hello World
  • Creating a Fire Alarm Project and Controlling the Flame Sensor
  • Evolving our initial code
  • Integrating with Piezo for audible warning
  • Sending SMS to your phone using Twilio
  • Creating unit tests for Fire Alarm
  • Supporting Your Code on Multiple Operating Systems
  • Adding Continuous Integration Servers to Your Project
  • Travis-CI: Checking Your Code on Linux and OSX
  • Appveyor: Checking your code in Windows
  • Code coverage for your code
  • Using Istanbul to check code coverage
  • Integrating seamless integration server with coveralls
  • Checking code complexity with PlatoJS


You will learn directly with some real projects, using important concepts of software development, showing with simple and cheap ideas how to integrate Nodebots into our day-by-day life can be something simple and practical!

This book is a translation into English of Nodebots - Javascript e robótica no mundo real which was originally written in Português.

About the Author

Will Mendes
Will Mendes

GDE (Google Developer Expert) AngularJS, GDG Salvador organizer, passionate about technology and active in communities with a focus on web development, including AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Workflow, web performance, security and Internet of things. Participates in events organisation, speaker at conferences in Brazil and other countries and contributes to few open source projects.

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