Natural Language Processing for Hackers - The Cookbook
Natural Language Processing for Hackers - The Cookbook
Natural Language Processing for Hackers - The Cookbook

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About the Book

Preliminary Table of Content


  1. Introduction to NLTK
  2. Lemmatising and stemming words
  3. Training a simple occurrence based tagger
  4. Bigrams and Trigrams
  5. Finding collocations


  1. Text Classification with NaiveBayes
  2. Text Clustering
  3. Displaying text in 2D with t-SNE
  4. Building a POS Tagger using a SVM model
  5. Building a NER using CRFSuite
  6. Building a POS tagger using Pomegranate


  1. Building an LDA Topic model
  2. Extracting collocations with the Phrase model
  3. Training a Word2Vec model
  4. Text summarisation with TextRank


  1. Introduction to spaCy
  2. Visualising dependency trees
  3. Training your NER
  4. Adding new language support


  1. Building a DNN for Sentiment Analysis
  2. Building an RNN for sentiment Analysis
  3. Building an RNN for POS Tagging
  4. Transfer Learning using pretrained word vectors
  5. Headline generation

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