Introduction to Angular 2
Introduction to Angular 2 (The Book + Code)
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Introduction to Angular 2

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Last updated on 2016-06-24

About the Book

This book is a short book that takes you through the basics of Angular2. It will also show you how to set up Visual Studio Code to work with TypeScript and Angular. The book is accompanied with a course on Udemy. You can use this link to get resigster with a coupon:

About the Author

AJ Meyghani
AJ Meyghani

Software Engineer

Table of Contents

  • Notes
  • Installing Node
    • Permissions
    • Installing live-server
  • Visual Studio Code
    • Visual Studio Code Basics
    • Setting up VSCode for TypeScript
      • Installing TypeScript
      • Add VSCode Configurations
    • Running VSCode from the Terminal
    • Debugging App from VSCode
  • TypeScript Crash-course
    • TypeScript Basics
    • Interface
      • Basic Interface
      • Classes as Interfaces
    • Classes
      • Adding an Instance Variable
      • Adding a Method
      • Using Access Modifiers
      • Adding a constructor
      • Setters and Getters (Accessors)
      • Static Methods and Properties
      • Implementing an Interface
      • Inheritance
      • Class Decorators
    • Modules
      • Simple Module
      • Splitting Internal Modules
      • External Modules
    • Decorators
      • Method Decorators
  • Angular
    • Project Files
      • Running the Project Files
      • Starter Project
    • Using the Docs
    • Metadata Classes Cheatsheet
    • Component Basics
      • Making a Simple Component
      • Component Inputs
      • Binding to DOM Properties
      • Component Output/Events
        • Custom Output Events
        • Binding to DOM Events
        • Event Delegation/Bubbling
      • ViewChildren
      • ContentChildren
      • ViewProviders
      • Providers
    • Directives
      • Web Components Basics
      • host
      • selector
      • Attribute Directives
      • Structural Directives
      • Built-in Directives
        • NgClass
        • NgIf
        • NgSwitch
        • NgFor
      • Accessing Directives from Parents
      • Accessing Directives from Children
    • Change Detection
    • Pipes
      • Basic Pipe
      • Chaining Pipes
      • Pipes with Parameters
      • Async Pipes
      • Built-in Pipes
        • Date
        • Slice
        • Decimal
        • Percent
        • Currency
        • Async
        • Json
        • LowerCase
        • UpperCase
    • Dependency Injection
    • Services and Providers
      • Simple Service
    • Data and State Management
      • Observables
      • State Management with Observables
    • Http
      • Getting Data from Server
    • Working with Forms
    • Angular Router
    • Unit Testing
  • Deep Dive
    • Components in Depth
  • RxJS

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