Getting Started with NeuroTask Scripting
Getting Started with NeuroTask Scripting
Getting Started with NeuroTask Scripting

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Completed on 2016-01-04

About the Book

You want to do a web-based experiment, for example, for a marketing study or as part of some psychology research. The web is everywhere, but how can you create a program for it?

This book gives a introduction to web-based programing using the NeuroTask system, which involves a minimal amount of programming in JavaScript. Topics covered are:

  • Uploading stimuli
  • Creating experiment scripts
  • Working with images, sound and video (also YouTube and Vimeo)
  • How to collect reaction times
  • Randomization of stimuli
  • Inviting subjects
  • How to follow the progress of your experiment
  • Downloading data

About the Author

Jaap Murre
Jaap Murre

Jaap Murre is Professor of Theoretical Neuropsychology at the University of Amsterdam. He has been conducting web-based psychological experiments since 2000. Via his website well over 100,000 web-based tests have conducted, resulting in about 20 published articles based on Internet experiments.

Observing how much time students spend on learning even the very basics of web-based programming prompted him to develop the NeuroTask Scripting system, with the aim to greatly speed-up doing web-based testing. Rather than having to learn both server-side and client-side technologies such as PHP, SQL, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, etc., the experimenter can concentrate on just a small subset of JavaScript to create sophisticated and complex experiments. In practice, students go from months to hours in order to create an online experiment.

Jaap Murre enjoys programming as part of his research work. He wrote his first computer programs in Pascal and APL in 1986 and has since developed the Walnut - Nutshell neural network simulator (in C/C++, Visual Basic, Python, Javascript) and MasterKeeper software for foreign language learning (in C++ and recently in PHP/JavaScript). 

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