vRealize Network Insight Cookbook
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vRealize Network Insight Cookbook

Everything (and more) you ever wanted to know about vRealize Network Insight.

About the Book

If you are in any way affiliated with network and virtual infrastructure troubleshooting and monitoring, you’re going to like this book. If you’re driven crazy by having to overlap multiple tools to get the information needed to troubleshoot an issue in your environment, you’re going to love this book.

Get a preview of this book here: https://networkinsightcookbook.com. All proceeds for this book go to charity.

As the title suggests, this book will give you a deep dive look at VMware’s holistic networking and virtual infrastructure monitoring & troubleshooting product; vRealize Network Insight.

Network Insight is famous for a couple of reasons:

  1. It has the capability to kickstart your way to a secure segmented network by creating visibility into what actually happens on your network.
  2. It sucks up all the operational and configuration data of your virtual (vSphere, Kubernetes, Bare metal), public cloud (AWS & Azure), SD-WAN, and physical network environment and allows you to overlay the two to create a holistic view of your entire environment and use that to significantly reduce time spent troubleshooting and gathering data from your environment.
  3. Analytics that go over all the data that’s pulled into Network Insight, provide a great deal of useful information; from “who is using my applications?”, to “are there any abnormalities in the network behavior?”, to all the way to “how much is this cloud egress bandwidth costing me?”.

You will be guided through the components and architecture of Network Insight and discover hidden gems and secrets throughout the platform. This book will take you from beginner to a vRealize Network Insight Samurai and we’ll have some fun along the way!

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About the Author

Martijn Smit
Martijn Smit

Martijn is a proud Dutchman (stroopwafels!) and has spent around 16 years as an IT professional, mostly focused on network operations. Going from web hosting help desk operator, to server support, to third line networking engineer, to data center consultant. 

He has been with VMware for 4 years. He spent 2,5 years as an NSBU SE in the Benelux and is now a Technical Marketing Architect for vRealize Network Insight.

Table of Contents

  • Disclaimer
  • Introduction
    • Book Updates
    • How to Use This Book
    • Comments and Questions
    • Acknowledgements
    • Respect the Author’s Rights
  • Foreword by Shiv Agarwal
  • About the Author
  • Introduction to Network Insight
    • Application Security Planning (Micro-segmentation)
    • Getting actual visibility into your environment
    • Doing the Health Check Boogie
    • Migrating to the Cloud (or anywhere)
    • Visibility for Kubernetes
    • vRealize Network Insight versus vRealize Network Insight Cloud (SaaS)
    • Virtual Cloud Network
  • Application Security Planning
    • Micro-Segmentation?
    • The Challenge of Micro-Segmentation
    • Speeding up Micro-Segmentation
    • How does it work?
    • NetFlow, IPFIX & sFlow
    • Configuring Data Sources for NetFlow, IPFIX & sFlow
    • Analyzing Network Flows
      • Group By
      • Scope
      • Flow Type
    • Recommended Firewall Rules
      • Exporting Recommended Firewall Rules
    • Using the Recommended Firewall Rules
      • Step 1 – Application Segmentation
      • Step 2 – Tier Segmentation
      • Step 3 – Micro-segmentation
      • Details I left out
    • Proving Security & Auditing for PCI
    • Application Discovery
      • Application Constructs
      • Tags or Custom Attributes
      • Naming Conventions
      • CMDB (ServiceNow)
  • Application Migration Planning
    • Application Discovery & Assessment
    • Internet Traffic Patterns
      • Per Application
      • Bandwidth Egress Costs
      • Looking at all Applications
    • Creating Migration Waves
    • Limitation Check
      • Compute & Storage
      • Network
    • Migrating the Applications
    • Validating Application Behavior
  • Network Insight into Public Clouds
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
      • AWS Networking Tools
      • Adding AWS to Network Insight
      • Inventory Collection
      • Network Flows
      • Network Path Visibility
      • Security Group Tracking
    • Microsoft Azure
      • Azure Networking Tools
      • Adding Azure to Network Insight
      • Inventory Collection
      • Network Flows
      • Network Path Visibility
      • Security Group Tracking
    • VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC)
      • Adding VMware Cloud on AWS to Network Insight
      • Network Flows
      • Network Path Visibility
  • Architecture
    • Platform
      • Presentation Service Layer
      • Search Engine
      • Data Service Layer
    • Collector
      • Collector Services
      • Flow Processor
      • Connecting to Data Sources
      • Connecting to the Platform
    • Cloud Architecture (SaaS)
    • Scalability and Availability (Clustering)
      • Lab Sizing
      • Scaling out Beyond a single Brick
      • Availability Note
  • Using the Command Line and Troubleshooting
    • Logging In
    • Commands for Troubleshooting
      • Logs
    • Configuring Syslog
    • Configuring a Proxy
    • Platform Specific Commands
    • Collector Specific Commands
    • Command Reference
  • Analytics
    • Outlier Detection
    • Static Thresholds
      • Monitored Metric
      • Aggregation
      • Threshold Breach Value
      • Alerting
    • Dynamic Thresholds
  • Using the Search Engine
    • Building Searches
    • Entity Types
    • Meta Entity Types
    • Entity Property
      • Configuration Property
      • Reference Property
      • Metric Property
      • Meta Property
    • Filter
    • Projections
      • Property
      • Count
      • List
      • Aggregate Functions
      • Series
      • Percentile
    • Ordering
    • Grouping
    • Limiting
    • Reference Traversal Queries
    • Nested Queries
    • Time Control
  • Automating Network Insight
    • Pushing Data In
    • Pulling Data Out
    • API
      • API Explorer
      • Swagger / OpenAPI Specification
      • Authentication
      • A Few Examples
    • Using PowerShell (PowervRNI)
      • Why PowerShell?
      • PowervRNI
    • Automation Use Cases
      • Integrating with Infrastructure Automation & Orchestration systems
      • Importing Applications from Configuration Management Databases
      • Exporting Network Flows for Security Analytics
      • Tenant Bandwidth Chargeback / Showback
  • Conclusion
  • Notes

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