Nerd Life Balance
Nerd Life Balance
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Nerd Life Balance

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About the Book

The fact is that work and life are so much more than faucets we turn off and walk away from. Instead of becoming frustrated at trying to compartmentalize, we should think about making our lives more congruent. Work skills and talents should not be one dimensional, but can be thought of as two sides of Velcro that fit together snugly.Here's a secret: If you find something that you are genuinely excited about and you are fortunate enough to do it as a "job" you can and should share that passion with your family and friends. What if your work and life talents were not separate but simply part of who you are? 

You see, life is awesome when this thing called "work" becomes another way of expressing the passions in your life.The intent of this book is to:

  • Help you find the refactoring mindset for your life
  • Motivate you toward finding a place that fits your passions
  • Help answer that question that has been a constant hum in the back of your mind... "So now what?"
  • Start a discussion so that we can all get "better" (not perfect) at this whole work-life thing.

This book is:

  • Based on a collection of real world experience from many people
  • Intentionally filled with satire and fun to help us all take ourselves a little less seriously
  • Filled with Nerd and Geek culture references to illustrate our need for refactoring
  • Designed to speak to anyone who is passionate about doing what they love (defined by this book as a 'nerd') but feel like they can't
  • Has projects that you can do with your family and friends
  • Intended to generate thinking and discussion over what this whole work life thing is supposed to be.

This book is NOT:

  • A self-help book
  • Intended to be read but never shared
  • Just for "computer" nerds but rather for all nerd-kind

About the Author

Nick Floyd
Nick Floyd

I am a nerd at heart, a geek by design and a developer by craft who loves being able to change the world one “byte” at a time with my family. My five kids and I are often found contributing to open source, hacking new projects, soldering boards and building backyard ballistics all in the name of "nerd life."

I am interested in anything else that helps me and my kids bend the rules of science. At my core I believe everyone should avoid going for this thing thought of as work-life balance and instead go toward work-life awesome; involving everyone in your circles in what you do and why you do it.

About the Contributors

Rebecca Floyd
Rebecca Floyd


Table of Contents

    • Foreword
    • Introduction
    • A Bit On This Book
    • The Beginning Is The End
    • The Problem
    • The Great Deception
    • The 3D Expectation
    • The Paradox
    • The Roll For Initiative
    • The BAF
  • The Behavior Parables
    • The Death Of A Tauntan
    • The Costco Mentality
    • Infinite Planning
    • The Steam Powered Punch
    • Taking A Quantum Leap
    • Impostor
    • The Pain Of Sand
    • Talking About Things
    • The Board Of Directors
    • Going Mental
    • The End Is The Beginning
    • Project: Hello World
    • Project: Playing with matches
    • Project: Magnetic Appeal
    • Contributors

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