Modern Application Building with HTML and Javascript
Modern Application Building with HTML and Javascript (Modern Application Building With Javascript and HTML)
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Modern Application Building with HTML and Javascript

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Completed on 2017-10-08

About the Book

This book deliberately emphasizes the minimalist basics. Using the techniques presented here will enable development of sophisticated applications without the need to go far afield. 

The code for the samples is available and is downloaded during the "Getting Started" chapter. You may key it in yourself if doing so helps you to learn (recommended), but the downloaded code is there for comparison if you get stuck on some stupid syntax error.

About the Author

Joseph Bonds
Joseph Bonds

I have found programming to be terribly addictive. Google is my best friend. I just cannot seem to quit programming. I guess it is somewhat like playing video games. There is an objective and a burst of adrenaline when the objective is achieved. Since most projects can be broken into a series of easily achievable objectives, the flow is constant. I am just an adrenaline junky.

Table of Contents

  • About This Book
    • Javascript Is Now a General Purpose Application Building Language
  • About the Author
  • Getting Started
    • Questions?
    • Machine
    • Program Editor
    • GIT
    • Chrome Browser
    • Node.js
    • Express
    • Heroku
    • Download The Sample Applications
  • File Editor Sample
    • General Application (App) Requirements
    • The Server Component
    • Setting Up the Server Component
    • The Server Code
    • Server Code Commentary
    • Server Summary
    • Testing the Server
    • The Client Code
    • Local Storage
    • XMLHttpRequest
    • File upload
    • Client Code Commentary
    • Client Code Summary
    • Testing the Application
    • Test 1 File Editor Screen
    • Test 2 “Up” button
    • Click a file button
    • Test 3 Edit the content and write a new file
    • Test 4 Edit and save a file
    • Test 5 create a subdirectory
    • Test 6 Delete a File
    • Test 7 Delete a Directory
    • Test 8 Download a File
    • Test 9 Upload a File
    • Build Your Own Application
    • Load Your Application to the Server
  • Chat Window Sample
    • Example of chat operation
    • The Code
    • Code commentary
  • Application Graphics
    • Application Graphics Technologies
    • Raster Graphics Tools
    • Scalable Vector Graphics Tools
    • Using Raster Graphics
    • Using Scalable Vector Graphics
    • XML versus HTML
    • A Sample Application that Produces SVG tracings
    • The Client Code
    • Client Code Commentary
    • Testing the Application
    • Test 1 Graphics Editor Screen
    • Manual Composition of a SVG With Animation
    • The Operation of the Path Button
    • Demonstrate Tracing an Image.

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