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Mission: Next

About the Book

Mission:Next is a collection of the first three years of essays on aronsolomon.com. From mid-2009 until today, Aron Solomon has written about everything from his two million miles of global business travel, to technology, entrepreneurship, the world of startups, and much more.

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About the Author

Aron Solomon
Aron Solomon

An educator and entrepreneur who has never accepted the status quo, Aron Solomon is viewed as a thought leader in the world of education and innovation.

He is currently a global brand advocate, advisor, and one who creates some pretty nice things for himself and others.

Aron's current base camp is Toronto.

Table of Contents

  • Work-Life Balance: Some History and Perspective
  • Does the Employer or Employee Own the Frequent Flier Miles?
  • Is the Prius Really Better for the Environment?
  • 2009. The Year of the Disappearing Brand.
  • I, Dreamseller.
  • Driving Disruption and Change
  • Education (R)evolution
  • More Misfits, Please.
  • The Future of the Practice of Law: A Brave (and Scary) New World
  • Zen and the Art of 1,000,000 Miles of Business Travel
  • Forget About Wireless – What About a Cordless World?
  • Slouching Towards Jerusalem
  • My Love is Like a Tire Iron
  • Have Your Contacts Become a Bear?
  • The Good Buffet
  • Leverage
  • The Birth of Ideas
  • The Brevity Revolution
  • Angles
  • Kicking the Beehive
  • The Excess of Excess
  • Five Predictions for 2010
  • What Is a New Year?
  • How Mobile is Mobile?
  • Taglines
  • Memoir as Corporate Thought
  • The Core of Brand Identity: “Art & Copy”
  • Too Many Questions?
  • Servant Leadership
  • To Curate or (ideally) not to Curate
  • Five Reasons You Need to Get to China. Now.
  • Angel or Angle?
  • Exile
  • to iPad or not to iPad
  • “I just want to say one word to you….”
  • Frigidaire Kleenex
  • Seasons
  • Dream. Speak.
  • Swagger
  • The New Art of Relaxation
  • Sandsharks
  • Time after Time
  • Interface
  • Happiness
  • Words
  • Seven.
  • Ads Don’t Work
  • Flow.
  • Part One: On the New Productivity
  • Part Two: A Meeting Challenge
  • Part Three: Your New Sketchbook
  • Doer.
  • Dictate THIS.
  • Education Manifesto – part one of ?
  • Reflections and Thanks.
  • The Simplicity of Night
  • Get Your Technology Shit in Order.
  • Muscle Memory.
  • Scaleable Communication and the Open Web.
  • Phresh
  • The Value of Time
  • You Can’t Make a Sandwich Like That
  • One Fish, Two Fish
  • Monetize
  • Gas Prices Break $7.00 a Gallon
  • Education Manifesto – part 2 of ?
  • Impersonal Brand
  • Off the Grid
  • T + C = U
  • We Built This City
  • Nothing
  • The Fastest Growing Puppy in History.
  • By Any Measure
  • Digitally Defined
  • Mobile Me
  • Home
  • The Hedonic Treadmill
  • Sleep. Yeah, sleep.
  • What is Worth Doing and What is Worth Not Doing?
  • What’s in my Bag
  • My NFL Confession
  • Spoon
  • Corporate. Tool.
  • Another Shot at an Email Primer
  • I, Dreambook.
  • Revolution 1
  • Acorns and Oaks in Chicago
  • A complex relationship
  • And the Damage Done
  • Pop Everything Up
  • What’s a Startup?
  • Slow Information
  • Be
  • How to Build Anything From Scratch
  • Pack Like a Champ
  • < 140 Leadership Primer
  • Even Steven
  • Social Bowl
  • Free Vultures
  • Techvolution
  • Alliances
  • The Psychographics of Schools
  • A Good Story. Well-Told.
  • The 24-Hour Brand
  • Saying the Wrong Thing
  • Startups and Baseball
  • Predictors
  • Something You Know
  • The MBA as Auto-de-Fe
  • Dominos
  • Mexico City Is
  • Face the Face
  • You, a capella.
  • The New Sweatshop

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