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The Message Is The Medium

The Message Is The Medium

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About the Book

Messaging is the best idea we have so-far arrived at for dealing with the problem of distributed systems, and that problem looms larger than ever in the lives of many software developers. Messaging as an idea is built on a history of engineers addressing immediate problems. By looking at those people, their challenges and the solutions they arrived at we can begin to understand the fundamentals that run through all messaging systems. This book takes a tour through some notable messaging systems and standards, with the goal of reflecting the ideas we can use to build our own.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What Is Messaging?
  • Packets On The Wire
    • Packet Switched Networks
    • The ARPANET
    • Internetworking
    • Distributed Computing
  • The Information Bus
    • Middleware
    • Event Driven
  • Boarding The Enterprise
    • Managing Data
    • Security
    • SOA
    • Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • JMS & AMQP
    • JMS
    • AMQP
    • AMQP 0.91 Model
    • Programmable Brokers
    • AMQP 1.0
    • Message Models
  • All The World’s A Stage
    • Concurrent Programming
  • Going For Brokerless
    • Directory Services
    • Flow Control
    • Persistence and Asynchrony
    • Multicast
  • ZeroMQ
    • Messaging Patterns
  • Socialising
    • Chat
    • Messaging & The Web
    • Job Scheduling
    • PubSubHubub
    • Moving To Data Distribution
  • The Internet Of Things
    • Mobile Devices
    • The Internet Of Things
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgements

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About the Author

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