Memoirs of a Software Team Leader
Memoirs of a Software Team Leader
Memoirs of a Software Team Leader

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Completed on 2014-09-14

About the Book

I've been working hard to create something that would help me to preserve my experience from being a software team leader. Quite naturally, I realized it's a good opportunity to share knowledge with other team leaders and developers. This is how my book came into existence.

What makes it interesting is that there are many IT management books available, yet most of them are tailored to match perspective other than technical team leader's. I decided to fill this gap.

Becoming a software team leader was both a pleasant and challenging experience. I had been trying to find a book that could help me to become a better leader, but all I found were excerpts. I had to extrapolate my experience as a team member, recall what had worked well and what hadn't and try to figure out my own leadership style. Luckily, I was cooperating with clever people, eager to try new things out; it was a perfect proving ground and I think I seized the opportunity well, though it took me a while to draw some of the conclusions. By reading the book, you can save yourself the trouble, learn my knowledge and begin putting it into practice within hours.

Are you a team leader? I think I can surprise you. Do you want to become a leader? Great, by learning from my experience you'll be better since the day one!

By reading the book, you'll learn how to:

  • Select the right iteration length
  • Deal with a problematic customer
  • Make sure that what the customer asks for is doable
  • Decompose requirements into small, comprehensible tasks
  • Visualize task dependencies
  • Do code review
  • Deliver working code at the end of each iteration
  • Make sure you did what the customer wanted
  • Learn by mistakes and improve
  • Become a good leader
  • Make the right decisions
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Form a balanced team
  • Keep your team in a good shape
  • Coordinate actions as to maximize parallelism
  • Communicate with people outside of your team
  • Deploy and maintain software
  • Hire the right developers
  • And more…

About the Author

Łukasz Wróbel
Łukasz Wróbel

Leader, manager and software architect. Interested in designing efficient and scalable web applications, creating high-quality software and exploring the motives of human actions.

Always in pursuit of knowledge, willingly sharing the results:

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