Guide to Markdown Mode for… by Jason R. Blevins [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Guide to Markdown Mode for Emacs
Guide to Markdown Mode for Emacs
Guide to Markdown Mode for Emacs

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Last updated on 2017-07-22

About the Book

The Guide to Markdown Mode for Emacs aims to be a complete reference for the markdown-mode package for users and developers. It will include more detailed basic documentation: installation instructions, configuration, and movement and editing commands. However, since it is a book it will go into more detail about the Emacs way of editing as it relates to Markdown. Additionally, the book will cover more advanced usage topics, such as subtree and structure editing, defun and page movement, marking, narrowing, region management, imenu, etc.. It will cover interaction with other packages, such as CriticMarkup mode, Pandoc mode, Deft, Polymode, HTML as Markdown mode, and more. Finally, it will contain tips and tricks for custom configuration options such as custom CSS stylesheets, using pre- and post-processors, custom faces, creating a local wiki, and syntax highlighting of code blocks.

Preliminary Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

  1. Markdown

  2. History

  3. Acknowledgments

2. Installation

  1. Emacs Package Manager

  2. OS Package Manager

  3. Manual Download

  4. Initial Customization

3. Movement & Editing

  1. Headers

  2. Paragraphs

  3. Blockquotes

  4. Lists

  5. Code Blocks

  6. Horizontal Rules

  7. Emphasis: Bold & Italic

  8. Inline Code

  9. Links & Images

4. Previewing & Exporting Files

  1. Opening the Current Markdown File Directly

  2. Previewing Static HTML Output

  3. Previewing Live HTML Output

  4. Preview & Export Customization

5. Extensions

  1. Wiki Links

  2. GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) Mode

  3. Syntax highlighting for LaTeX

6. Tips and Tricks

  1. Custom CSS

  2. Using Pre- and Post-Processors

  3. Custom Faces

  4. Loading Markdown Mode for Other File Extensions

  5. Custom Browser

  6. Using Marked 2 as a Custom Previewer

  7. Promote or Demote Multiple Sections at Once

  8. Metadata (YAML, MultiMarkdown, Pandoc)

  9. Creating a Local Wiki

  10. Editing HTML as Markdown

  11. Editing Tables with orgtbl-mode

  12. Showing Whitespace

  13. Syntax Highlighting in Code Blocks

  14. Integration with R-Markdown

  15. Custom Language Names for Code Blocks

  16. MathJax

  17. Integration with Deft Mode

  18. Cycling and Toggling Markup

  19. CriticMarkup

  20. Pandoc Mode

  21. Imenu and Imenu-List

  22. Generating and Updating a Table of Contents

  23. Loading Markdown Mode with use-package

About the Author

Jason R. Blevins
Jason R. Blevins

Author and maintainer of Markdown Mode and Deft for Emacs.

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