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Markdown By Example

The book for Markdown-everything

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About the Book

Markdown By Example - The book for Markdown-everything.

From text files over presentations to blogs, it can all be done using mostly Markdown. And it is easy, too!

This book introduces the reader to the Markdown syntax, teaches a few tricks on output styling and explains the various tools and frameworks that support Markdown.

All this is done using an imaginary monitoring tool called "GoodTool", which - by the end of the book - has a README file, a website, a blog, a wiki and much more. It is the common theme helping the reader understand the different use cases.

Finally, the book ends in a chapter explaining the "Making Of Markdown By Example" - yes, this book is not only about Markdown, it was also written in Markdown!

The first edition of this book has been completed! Buy it now and receive all future editions free-of-charge!

Second edition plans:

  • Add instructions for Windows for all tools compatible
  • Add more images
  • Create interactive iPad companion book (created with iBooks Author, will be free)

If you have any feedback concerning the second edition plans, please do not hesitate to contact the author!

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Table of Contents

  • Preparations
  • 1 - What is Markdown?
  • 2 - Why Markdown?
  • 3 - Tools
  • 4 - Installation (OSX)
  • 5 - Installation (Linux)
  • 6 - Book resources
  • Learning Markdown
  • 7 - Simple text
  • 8 - Cheat sheet
  • Markdown applications
  • 9 - Markdown with HTML and CSS
  • 10 - Websites
  • 11 - Blogs
  • 12 - Presentations with ShowOff
  • 13 - Presentations with other frameworks
  • 14 - Documentation
  • 15 - Wordpress
  • 16 - Alternative output
  • 17 - Wikis
  • 18 - Markdown extensions
  • 19 - Converters
  • 20 - Books
  • Appendix
  • Software versions used
  • Links

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