Marionette Exposé

Learn to write modular Javascript applicatons using Backbone Marionette and RequireJS/AMD

Create a responsive browser based application. Decouple modules with advanced design patterns to create a fast, responsive user experience. Featuring Backbone, Marionette, RequireJS and CoffeeScript.

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About the Book

What you will learn from reading this book :  

  • Structuring web applications using Backbone/Marionette
  • Modular design patterns using RequireJS/AMD
  • Decoupled application architecture using Pub/Sub, Request/Response and Command patterns
  • Handle REST API's with Backbone.Collection
  • Endless scrolling in a Backbone.Collection and CompositeView
  • Advanced client-side routing concepts
  • Complex client-side views with layouts, regions and compound views
  • "Loading Views" via Brian Mann/
  • Interactive UI using D3 Data-Visualzations in a Marionette itemview
  • Hybrid "Asset Pipeline" using RequireJS/AMD.
  • Open source package managers: Bower and NPM
  • Build minimized app and deploy to Cloud9 or Heroku
  • Bootstrap and responsive web design.  Look good on mobile, tablet or desktop 
  • CoffeeScript Love

Follow me as I take you through my own open source journey as you write a scaleable Marionette application using a hybrid AMD/Rails "asset pipeline" approach.

Each chapter plans on breaking down my own application I've created, going through the bits and pieces, as well as just getting started creating your very own Marionette application.

If you can learn more in 73 pages anywhere else... for FREE... let me know.

// Note from me, the author! //

Hey guys, as you can see, the book is listed as 100%. I feel that the work is done. I need to move on to other projects. I have other work to do.

If there is anything that you feel fuzzy on, and would like me to take a better stab at, please, I encourage you to reach out to me and let me know. 

I will do what I can do to rework things. After all, this is an open source project and should stay updated.

Thanks for everything !

~ Jack 

About the Author

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Feel free to reach out to me and talk. I don't bite.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 Marionette Expose Preface
    • 1.1 What is ?
    • 1.2 TwitchTVExpose - My Application
    • 1.3 Why Did You Do It, Jack?
    • 1.4 Working with Coffeescript!
  • 2 Application Architecture
    • 2.1 Modular Message Patterns
    • 2.2 Observer Pattern (pub/sub)
    • 2.3 Request/Response Pattern
    • 2.4 Command Pattern
    • 2.5 Decoupled Modules
  • 3 My Hybrid Rails/AMD Asset Pipeline
    • 3.1 Index.html
    • 3.2 Main.Coffee
  • 4 Starting the Marionette Application
    • 4.1 Apps/load
    • 4.2 - The Big Guy
  • 5 Modular Apps
    • 5.1 The About App
    • 5.2 The Header App
    • 5.3 The Footer App
    • 5.4 An Encounter With D3
    • 5.5 The Games App
    • 5.6 The Streams App
    • 5.7 The Player App
  • 6 Entities
    • 6.1 Header.entities
    • 6.2 OSS.entities (OpenSource Software)
    • 6.3 Appstate.entities
    • 6.4 User.entities
    • 6.5 Reference.entities
    • 6.6 Author.entities
    • 6.7 TwitchTV.entities
  • 7 Build and Deploy
    • 7.1 R.js the RequireJS Optimizer
    • 7.2 Shell script
    • 7.3 Deploying
    • 7.4 Cloud9
    • 7.5 Heroku
    • 7.6 Express Static Server
    • 7.7 Using Cloud 9 With Heroku
    • 7.8 Open Source Dependency Management
    • 7.9 TwitchTV API
    • 7.10 Working with Github
  • 8 Appendix
    • 8.1 Shoutout To !
    • 8.2 What I Have Learned Here (And Hopefully What You Learned!)
    • 8.3 Outro

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