Maldon & The Dentist
Maldon & The Dentist
Martin Liss
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Maldon & The Dentist

Today it is Melody’s 4th birthday and therefore she will go to the Dentist. She’s have had all her teeth, but her mother wants the dentist to look at them, to be sure that they are well and have not received dental monsters. Mom calls the monsters, Caries. Melody does not like Monsters, so she is happy to be going to the Dentist.

When they arrive to the Dentist it smells strange in the hall, but there are fun toys to play with in the waiting room.

Then there comes in a tiny little boy. He is ugly. Maldon, which he is called, carries a candy bag in one hand and a bottle of soda in the other hand.

Yesterday Maldon was at a party and ate so much candy that a tooth broke straight off. Now Maldon is also at the Dentist, waiting for his turn.

Maldon is crying, because it hurts so much in the broken tooth. It does not help though he eats on a piece of candy, to make the evil go away.

Melody asks why he is crying. He says that he has eaten a hard candy at a birthday party yesterday and that a tooth broke.

He yawns and shows Melody. She gets so scared of Maldon, he has only one tooth left and the one that is broken. His mouth is like a big black hole, giant ugly and scary, thinks Melody, holding her little sister Erin’s hand tightly.

Melody showing all her white teeth and says that her little sister who is only two years also feature exquisite teeth. Look how fine says Melody and Erin also opens up her mouth.

Erin says “Fine teeth, Erin has nice teeth”. And then she laughs clucking.

Maldon looking wide-eyed at the two girls. He think they looks like two small princesses.

Maldon crying even more and sobs: “They are so fine, so fine and I’m so ugly and have no teeth. Why is that?” He asks his mother.

Maldons mother has a black coat on it and a scarf around her head.

She says with a hoarse voice: “Maldon you are not ugly, you’re the finest I have. Oh I love you so much. Take one more piece of candy, it will soon be better.

Erin mimicked Maldon. Maldon ugly, Maldon u-u-ugly, Maldon Uuu-u, ugly-ly-ly-ly-ly-ly-ly …

Erin and Melody’s mother tried to silence Erin, telling her that teasing like that doesn’t any fine children do to other children. Erin just laughed and kept on singing, U-u-ugly-ly-ly-ly-ly-ly-ly

Maldon stuffed candy more in his mouth.

Now thought Melody that he had had enough of candy and said to Maldon “You should not eat more candy for then the second tooth could also break.

Maldons mom said to Melody that it was not any of Melody’s buisiness.

Suddenly, one can hear a great creaking and Maldone screaming loudly “iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Mom, now it hurts so bad, so bad.

The dentist comes out and says that now it is Melody’s turn.

Melody says: “Thank you but you should probably take care of Maldon first, he seems to be in more hurry than I am.”

The dentist looks at Maldone that is crying and says.

“OK Maldon came and we’ll see what we can do for you today.”

Maldon spits out something in his hand and shows the dentist, who jumps high, it is the second tooth that has broken too.

“Oh, oh, oh what did I tell you?” said Melody. Erin mimics “Oh, oh, oh … wat-I-teld-yo.

The dentist and Maldon going into the dentist’s workshop where he has a chair he can move in different positions with buttons. Maldon think that the buttons looks fun and want to push one. He pressed a blue button and the chair starts to move. Then the dentist says that he can not do that.
Maldon screams of anger and pain. It hurts sooooo bad in the tooth and he wants to press the chair’s buttons, but may not. Stuuuuuupid, eeeeeevil dentist, screams Maldon. “Well, now let’s look at the teeth. Oops there was not much to look at. What have you done with all your teeth? Asked the Dentist.

“They are gone, says Maldon. Finished, none left.

“But how has it happened. The dentist did not really understand. “I do not know, replied Maldon, they have fallen out, none left.

“Hmm, let us see here, you have no teeth left, but you tend to get new ones when you lose the baby teeth, hasn’t any new teeth come up yet, asked the dentist. We shall x-ray you and see if there are new teeth coming up from down there. If there are nice new teeth down there, I’ll teach to how take good care of them when they comes up. OK?

“OK, the new teeth is coming up next? Asked Maldon.”

“We’ll see, I’ll put some stuff in your mouth, then I’ll put this unit towards your mouth and then I will go out and you are not allowed to move. OK?”

Maldon replied “OK.”

When Maldon was x-rayed, the dentist said that there will be new fine teeth under the old, but he also told him that there is only one new tooth not many, just one new tooth for each old. Next time the teeth comes up Maldon must brush his new teeth very thoroughly at least twice a day, up, down, inside and out. One must rub with small movements so that all the teeth are thoroughly clean, otherwise the new teeth, will fall out as well and Maldon would not be able to get more teeth and become toothless for the rest of the whole long life.

Maldon got a toothbrush from the dentist and the dentist showed how he should do. With the toothbrush came a small tube of toothpaste as well. Maldon got the things to bring back home to start brushing this evening. Maldon took his toothbrush and the tube and ran quickly away.

Then it was Melody’s turn to jump up in the dental chair.

Melody wanted so very much press the buttons of the dental chair. She had learned that if you ask nicely you sometimes get things you want.

She asked nicely: “Mr. Dentist, I think the buttons are so funny! Do you think I might try to push a button. Just one, please?

“OK, You are such a polite young child you, Miss Melody, so of course you’ll get to push a button until the chair is completely straight. OK, but just the button I show OK?

“Oh, Mr Dentist you are so kind to me, Thank you Mr Dentist.

The Dentist said: “Oh, wow, I must says that there are some nice teeth you have! Do you brush your teeth every morning and evening?

“Every morning, but not at night” admitted Melody.

“Oh Oh oh, it was not good,” said the dentist. Soon you will lose your precious little baby teeth. The ones you have now. But soon you will have your new 6-years old teeth. Then you need to brush at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.

“Well, OK” said Melody, “but in the evening, I’m so tired so tired and just want to sleep.”

“But if you make sure you brush them right after dinner, then they are already brushed for going to sleep,” said the dentist.

“Well, OK” said Melody again. When Melody was done with her dentist appointment, she got a nice bookmark, because a toothbrush she already had one at home. The dentist reminded to put up the bookmark close to the bed, so that Melody would remember to brush before she goes to bed, every night.

“OK said Melody. Goodbye.

“Bye, see you next year!

“Yes we will, said Melody.