Magento DIY. The Complete Guide


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Magento DIY. The Complete Guide

Setup from scratch / SEO / Conversion / Extensions / Growth / Security / UI / Performance / Analytics / Enterprise / B2B

About the Book

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Recommended by such leading Magento companies as NexcessAmasty, Mageworx, Yireo, AITOC, aheadWorks, and M-CONNECT.

The book covers all the major aspects of a Magento ecommerce DIY (Do It Yourself) development for users without any coding skills. It describes both B2C and B2B segments, includes big Enterprise and high load ecommerce solutions, and teaches how to turn Magento CE into EE. "Magento DIY. The Complete Guide" penetrates into the followng areas:

  • Magento setup and configuration

  • Templates, look and feel of store

  • Best Magento extensions including use case guides

  • Magento SEO and SMO

  • Magento security - Free sample 

  • Magento performance optimisation for high loads - Free sample  

  • How to scale and grow to an enterprise merchant level

  • Paid and organic traffic generation

  • Conversion improvement

  • Promotions and loyalty programs

  • Advanced Magento admin management (products, orders, customers, payment, shipping )

  • Effective Magento store support, management and maintenance

  • Customer support

  • How to build a multichannel system (eBay, Amazon, Google Merchant integration)

  • B2B specific features  

  • Multi-Vendor marketplace based on Magento CE

  • Advanced analytics, reporting and testing

  • Modern trends and features (dynamic pricing etc.)

  • Enterprise systems integration (PIM, ERP, CRM, SAP)

  • Everything from the modern world of ecommerce...

I explain how to make Magento Community Edition as powerful as Enterprise Edition is. Each part of this Magento ebook provides the easiest and at the same time the most advanced steps, leading you through all the aspects of DIY ecommerce and mastering Magento.

A special attention is given to the Magento performance, growth, and scalability. I cover appropriate tools, and point you to the right directions.

Although the new version of the ecommerce platform offers a plethora of improvements, Magento 2 won’t outperform 1.X within the next few years. This time is required for the creation of an ecosystems with all necessary extensions, themes, third party software solutions, and developers. Thus, I recommend you to start your ecommerce business with the latest available version of Magento 1.X, as it is the most robust tool for online retail. When Magento 2 is mature, you will be able to migrate from your current version without any headaches.

So, get the Magento book pdf and start your journey into the world of ecommerce. Besides, you can check our blog to get all recent updates, Magento books, guides, and tutorials, extension reviews, and other crazy modern ecommerce things. 

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About the Author

Viktor Khliupko
Viktor Khliupko

E-Commerce expert , consultant , developer , freelancer , entrepreneur , traveler , metal music fan. 

During the last 5 years, I took part in building of the successful Magento-based E-Commerce businesses and startups worldwide.

Founder of the FireBear Studio , co-founder of Alamio , freelancer at Uniway. Support pixel art roguelike UnDungeon

More on LinkedIn and UpWork

About the Contributors

Andrii Pechatkin
Andrii Pechatkin

Reader Testimonials


“Magento DIY. The Complete Guide” is a complex book aimed at various specialists

“Magento DIY. The Complete Guide” is a complex book aimed at various specialists. First of all, it is interesting for ecommerce merchants and marketers, but at the same time Magento developers will also find a lot of new and useful tips in this work. Each part of the book features the easiest and at the same time the most advanced steps, leading through all difficulties of Magento ecommerce. Thus, in the end, every reader should know how to give it a go without any help from third parties.


Tips and tools for startups are invaluable for beginners

The 280-page book presents five chapters, and each gives a variety of critical resources for both merchants and developers. Using Magento CE as his base, Viktor’s tips and tools for startups are invaluable for beginners. More experienced readers will benefit from having a massive set of front-end and back-end resources in one easy-to-read text


Book shows its readers the most efficient way to setup and run a Magento store based on the vast experience of the author and editorial board

We think that Magento DIY is a comprehensive guide extremely useful for newbies, but also valuable for experienced merchants. The book shows its readers the most efficient way to setup and run a Magento store based on the vast experience of the author and editorial board.


In total, the book simply helps the more advanced Magento merchant get more out of Magento: It leads to more research and more extensions to explore.

In total, the book simply helps the more advanced Magento merchant get more out of Magento: It leads to more research and more extensions to explore. Some conclusions in the book are debatable, like everything, but it does not take away that this book quickly sums up the things that are important. As a Magento merchant, you either have to pay a developer to fix things for you, or start learning by yourself. In the latter case, buying this ebook is a no-brainer. We recommend this book.


“Magento DIY. The Complete Guide” will be of great help to anyone

Being a complex book, “Magento DIY. The Complete Guide” will be of great help to anyone, engaged with Magento: ecommerce merchants, marketers, and Magento developers. Each part of the book features the most advanced and at the same time the easiest advice, leading you through all the difficulties of Magento ecommerce development.


This guide is truly unique, because it explains how to get Enterprise-level features on an ordinary Magento Community Edition website.

Find out the easiest and at the same time the most advanced ways of mastering Magento, and you will give it a go with the aid of “Magento DIY. The Complete Guide” only.

Table of Contents

    • Downloading and Installation
    • Server / hosting
      • Local hosting
    • Magento Templates
      • Marketplaces
      • Top eCommerce Website Design Trends
    • Magento Extensions
      • Extensions
      • Installation
    • Payment gateways
    • Magento Shipping
    • Data / Product import
      • CSV file structure for the Magento products import
      • Magento product import Tips & Tricks
      • Possible product import errors and solutions
      • Magmi
      • Excel import to Magento with Cobby
    • Performance
      • Magento Server side performance
      • Magento application side performance
      • Magento cleaning
      • Faster reindex
      • Varnish cache
      • Improved Magento catalog search
      • How to improve checkout & add to cart speed in Magento
      • Enterprise class Magento performance solutions
    • Security guide
      • Magento Security Extensions
    • SEO
      • More Complex Search Engine Optimizations
      • Integration with Google Services
      • Product tags as a powerful cross linking tool
    • Pre launch checklist
    • Magento Store Audit
    • Conclusion
    • Evaluate your marketing campaign
    • The main traffic sources
      • Direct traffic
      • Email marketing
      • Organic search engine results
      • Paid search results
    • Other useful traffic-driving techniques…
      • …to use on your website
      • …to use outside of your website
    • Banner Ads
      • How to use
      • Where to buy
    • AdWords
      • How it functions
      • How to fit into budget
      • How to structure your ad campaign
      • How to manage your resources
      • How to launch an AdWords campaign
      • Creating a shopping campaign
      • AdWords conversion pixel
    • Alternatives to Google AdWords
    • Social Media Advertising and SMM campaigns
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Instagram
      • Pinterest
    • Best blogging platforms worth using
      • Best Magento modules for blogging
    • Real Time Social Experience with Periscope and Meerkat
    • Social influencers for promoting your products online
    • Amazon Product Advertising
    • Conclusion
    • Conversion rate optimization
      • How to increase your ecommerce conversion rates
      • Magento extensions for conversion rate optimisation
      • How to optimize each page of your Magento store
      • Trusted shops
    • Cart abandonment
    • Referral and affiliate marketing; promotions and discounts
      • Referral and affiliate marketing
      • Promotions and discounts
    • Customer support
      • Live chat
      • Helpdesk services
    • A/B testing
    • Extended admin management
    • Magento tax management
    • Extended invoice management
    • Advanced shipping management
    • Order management
    • Extended analytics extensions
    • How to keep your Magento website clean and healthy
    • Migration to Magento 2
      • Migration
      • Magento 2 Migration Tools
    • Conclusion
    • Turning Magento Community Edition into Magento Enterprise Edition (How to get all Magento EE features on the Community platform)
    • Multi-channel marketing
    • PIM
    • ERP
    • CRM
    • SAP
    • Dropshipping
    • B2B
      • Magento B2B
      • Magento Extensions for Quick / Fast Order
      • Customer Activation
    • Multi-vendor marketplace
    • Dynamic pricing
    • Conclusion
    • Magento Community Events
      • Meet Magento Events
      • Imagine Commerce
      • Developers Paradise
      • Magento Unconference
      • Mage Titans
      • MagentoLive
      • MageStackDay
    • Conclusion

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