Magento Best Practices Handbook
Magento Best Practices Handbook
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Magento Best Practices Handbook

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Completed on 2015-09-07

About the Book

When you get used to develop on Magento 1 platform you will likely agree with a motto of mines: "there are at least two ways of developing things in Magento the best of which is usually the third".

This book is a collection of development advices resulting from over five years spent on practical Magento development.

Knowing how Magento is implemented is the best way to extract the most out of it; for this reason all the recipes are explained through in-depth analysis of Magento's code base and architecture.

This book assumes you are not a Magento beginner and already know its programming fundamentals with at least one year of continuous development experience.

If you prefer, you can buy a printed version here:

About the Author

Alessandro Ronchi
Alessandro Ronchi

Alessandro Ronchi is an experienced software craftsman with over five years spent on practical Magento development.

He is one of the most active members of the Magento Italian community, founder of Programmers User Group of Modena and Reggio Emilia and prime organizer of Mageday, the first Italian technical conference dedicated to the Magento platform, and Mage Titans IT.

Alessandro is also an active Magento extension developer and contributor, having released several of them for free. He is also the author of, an experimental tool to keep different Magento environments in sync and the main contributor of mageres repo, a curated list of useful Magento technical resources.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • 1. Introduction
    • 1.1 Why and How to read this book
    • 1.2 Conventions
    • 1.3 Feedback
  • 2. Getting started
    • 2.1 Terminology
    • 2.2 Requirements
    • 2.3 Tools
    • 2.4 Technical References
    • 2.5 Summary
  • 3. Magento Runtime
    • 3.1 A bare minimum PHP script
    • 3.2 The more structured Mage Shell script
    • 3.3 The normal dispatch flow
    • 3.4 Summary
  • 4. Logging
    • 4.1 Basic principles
    • 4.2 Avoid using Mage::log()
    • 4.3 The native Log Adapter
    • 4.4 The brand new Logger Model
    • 4.5 A definitive approach
    • 4.6 Custom Writer Models
    • 4.7 Summary
  • 5. Autoloading
    • 5.1 Magento’s autoloader initialization
    • 5.2 How to extend native autoloader
    • 5.3 Summary
  • 6. Effective MVC
    • 6.1 Models
    • 6.2 Blocks
    • 6.3 Templates
    • 6.4 Controllers
    • 6.5 What about Helpers
    • 6.6 Closing words
    • 6.7 Summary
  • 7. Working with Data
    • 7.1 Connecting to the DB
    • 7.2 Accessing Data
    • 7.3 Cloning a Collection
    • 7.4 Writing Data
    • 7.5 Summary
  • 8. Extending Magento
    • 8.1 Developer mode
    • 8.2 Monkey Patches
    • 8.3 Rewrites
    • 8.4 Events
    • 8.5 Interceptors
    • 8.6 Summary
  • 9. Deploying
    • 9.1 Bash script
    • 9.2 Complex scenarios
    • 9.3 Fabric
    • 9.4 Capistrano
    • 9.5 Deployer
    • 9.6 Summary

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