Make Lists Not Fists by Ritske Rensma [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Make Lists Not Fists
Make Lists Not Fists
Make Lists Not Fists

Last updated on 2016-05-20

About the Book

Most of us become regular to-do list makers at some point in our lives. We tend to scribble them down carelessly on Post-it notes, in diaries, on pieces of scrap paper, without any sense of forethought. If we get too busy, however, such a system tends to collapse. We have way too many Post-its tacked to our wall. Our diary becomes a blur of crossed out to-do items and illegible comments. We get stressed and foggy. What’s needed, in such busy times, is a proper to-do list philosophy: a stripped-down, fine-tuned system that will allow you to use your lists in a highly efficient way. This is exactly what this book offers.

Written with a student audience in mind (but useful for anyone with a busy life), Make Lists Not Fists will help you to de-stress, de-clutter, and take charge of your productivity - all through the power of lists.

Topics covered include:

-How to set up an effective digital time-management system with Wunderlist, the most popular to-do app on the planet (11 million users and counting) 

-How to use Wunderlist to remember absolutely everything: never forget about an important deadline ever again 

-How to make sure you start working on all important projects well ahead of time 

-How to use a diary properly (hint: keep it almost completely empty) 

-How to focus only on what is urgent and important, and forget about everything else 

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About the Author

Ritske Rensma
Ritske Rensma

Dr. R. Rensma teaches philosophy and religious studies at University College Roosevelt, a liberal arts college on the coast in the south of the Netherlands. When he is not busy ticking off items on his many to-do lists he enjoys roasting coffee, pulling espresso shots and researching obscure Buddhist and Hindu texts.

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