Lisp Hackers

Interviews with 100x More Productive Programmers

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  • 5695 readers
  • 77 pages
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About the Editor

Table of Contents

  • A Short Intro
  • A Few Quotes
  • Zach Beane (USA)
  • Edi Weitz (Germany)
  • Slava Akhmechet (USA)
  • Pascal Costanza (Germany - Belgium)
  • Peter Seibel (USA)
  • Marijn Haverbeke (Netherlands - Germany)
  • François-René (Faré) Rideau (France - USA)
  • Daniel Barlow (UK)
  • Christophe Rhodes (UK)
  • Luke Gorrie (Australia - Sweeden - Switzerland)
  • Juan José García Ripoll (Spain)
  • John Fremlin (USA)
  • Vladimir Sedach (Russia - Canada - USA)
  • Marc Battyani (France - USA)
  • Afterword

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