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Last updated on 2018-05-11

About the Book

Liquid Democracy is a new proposition on how to organize voting system in a country. It uses modern communication technologies to solve problems of current representative democracy. It allows voters to use their mobile phones to choose or change representatives at any moment and to cast direct votes or override the votes of their representatives at any moment.

About the Author

Ivor Online
Ivor Online



"Things are only as complicated as they are badly explained." 

Proper documentation is essential to avoid struggle and frustration when working with simple things that only seem complicated by not being properly documented and explained. 



"Working example is worth thousands of words."

Just like the picture is worth thousands of words the same goes for the working example. Documentation in the form of working examples is proved to be the fastest and the most effective way of transfering knowledge. Sometimes an example is all you need to get the things done. And if there are some accompanying comments that explain what is going on even better. This is the approach I use when creating tutorials. This results in rapid learning which you can apply when you need it in the spirit of Just In Time Support. 

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Why democracy?

2.1     How to vote?

2.2     Elements of Direct Democracy

3. Why representative democracy?

3.1     Space limitation

3.2     Reallocation

3.3     Full time politicians

4. Why Liquid Democracy?

4.1     Space limitation

4.2     Reallocation

4.3     Full time politicians

5. How Liquid Democracy works?

5.1     Hybrid voting

5.2     Two stage voting

5.3     Direct voting

5.4     Representatives

5.5     Sub Representatives

5.6     Multiple representatives

5.7     Partial voting

5.8     Continues voting

5.9     Proposing laws

5.10  Changing vote

6. Benefits of Liquid Democracy compared to Representative Democracy

6.1     Overrides corrupted voting

6.2     Reduces influence of corrupted representatives

6.3     Reduces corruption among representatives

6.4     Decreases influence of interest groups

6.5     Avoids compromising voter's interests

6.6     Improves representation for new topics

6.7     Allows voters to change their minds

6.8     Classic representative democracy is unconstitutional

6.9     Disperses voting power

6.10  Allows voters to practice preferred voting system

7. Criticism of Liquid Democracy

7.1     Over voting minorities

7.2     Discrimination

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