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Level Up!

Level Up!

How to Become a Great Professional Software Developer

"Want to earn a promotion? Want to enjoy a long and fruitful career in software development? Ever wonder how the the most productive & talented developers got that way? It's not a mystery. Be the best developer you can be! Read this book! I wrote it for you." -Steven
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About the Book

This book delivers practical techniques, habits, attitudes, and perspectives developers can cultivate in order to consistently perform at their best as professional software developers.  If you are a developer, this book will help you enjoy a long and rewarding career and avoid the grind and drudgery that so many developers encounter.

I promise if you follow the ideas in this book, you will:

  • Enjoy your work more
  • Be more productive
  • Become a technical leader in your team or organization
  • Gain respect from your colleages
  • Get a promotion or find a better job
  • Earn more by increasing your value to your employer

If that's not worth $39 to you, then you can hardly call yourself a professional developer.

If you don't find the content valuable, you can get always your money back!

There is no code in this book.  We do not discuss technical matters.  Non-developers who have an interest in the productivity of software developers or who are just curious about the discipline may also find the material of interest.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Audience
    • How to Read Level Up!
    • What is Software Development?
    • Professional Software Development
    • Craft vs Profession
    • Logic and Beauty in Software Development
  • Deliver Value
    • Subjectivity of Value
    • Connecting to the Value
    • Setting a Value Alarm
    • Automate Your Chores
    • Software as both Asset and Liability
    • Climb the Abstraction Ladder
  • Craft Quality
    • What is Quality?
    • The Craftsmanship Approach
    • Polish
    • Efficiency Impacts Quality
    • Quality Features
    • Producing Quality User Experiences
    • Quality Under the Covers
  • Maximize Productivity
    • What Makes a Developer Productive?
    • Habits of Highly Productive Developers
    • Avoiding Wasted Effort
    • Productivity Takeaways
  • Pursue Mastery
    • Work Where Developers Are Valued
    • Evaluate Yourself
    • Build a Technical Competency Map
    • Find Your Level
    • Move Up
    • Give Back
  • Be Professional
    • Be of Good Character
    • Create a Professional Impression
  • Pair Pragmatically
    • What is Pair Programming?
    • Why We Pair
    • When to Pair
    • Driving vs. Navigating
    • Use Proper Sitting Posture
    • Structuring Breaks
    • Keep Each Other Accountable
    • What to Do if Your Workplace Does Not Pair
  • Debug Your Workplace
  • Have Fun
    • Enjoy Your Work
    • Enjoy Your Life

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