Learn Swift Programming by Examples
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Learn Swift Programming by Examples

About the Book

On December 8, 2013, US President Barack Obama "asked every American to give it a shot to learn to code" (watch it here), kicking off the Hour of Code campaign for Computer Science Education Week 2013. "Learning these skills isn't just important for your future, it's important for our country's future," President Obama said.

The message is clear: coding (aka. programming) is an important skill for this Information Age, and many will agree.  Some might wonder: there are many "how to program" books, why another one? 

A typical how-to-program book will go through the programming concepts, syntax and followed by demonstrations with simple examples. I have read dozens of them (for different programming languages) and taught this way at universities. It was not an effective approach. It is more like a teacher dumping knowledge upon students. There is no better way than writing real programs for real exercises. In this book,  I have chosen the exercises that are very simple to understand, besides teaching values, they are useful and fun to do. 

About the Author

Zhimin Zhan
Zhimin Zhan

Zhimin Zhan is the founder and principal agile testing coach of AgileWay Pty Ltd, Australia. As an advisor and coach, he helps organizations by implementing test automation with Continuous Testing using open technologies such as Selenium WebDriver and RSpec. Zhimin is the creator of TestWise, the next-generation functional testing tool that supports functional test refactorings, and BuildWise, an award-winning Continuous Testing Server. Zhimin is a frequent speaker and author of 11 books on software testing and programming. He shares his test automation and CI experience on Medium.

About the Contributors

Table of Contents

  • Preface
    • What is unique about this book?
    • Who should read this book
    • How to read this book
    • Send me feedback
  • 1. Introduction
    • 1.1 Xcode
    • 1.2 Swift Playgrounds in Xcode
    • 1.3 Swift Projects in Xcode
    • 1.4 Swift Tutorials
    • 1.5 Rhythm for working on the exercises
    • 1.6 Common Errors
    • 1.7 Interactive Swift
    • 1.8 Swift evolves
  • 2. Printing Shapes
    • 2.1 Print out Triangle
    • 2.2 Print out a half diamond
    • 2.3 Print out diamond shape
    • 2.4 Print big diamond, name your size
    • 2.5 Exercises
  • 3. Quiz Time
    • 3.1 Simple Add Calculator
    • 3.2 Addition Quiz
    • 3.3 Subtraction Quiz
    • 3.4 Number Guessing Game
    • 3.5 Exercises
  • 4. Array and Dictionary
    • 4.1 Sort Children Names
    • 4.2 Get the character from given alphabetical position
    • 4.3 Calculate Average
    • 4.4 What makes 100% in life?
    • 4.5 Exercises
  • 5. Useful Utility Programs
    • 5.1 Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter
    • 5.2 Personal Income Tax Calculator
    • 5.3 Word count
    • 5.4 Generate Lotto Numbers
    • 5.5 Number sorting
    • 5.6 Exercises
  • 6. Fun Math
    • 6.1 Finding Divisors
    • 6.2 Finding the Highest Common Factor
    • 6.3 Finding the Least Common Multiple (LCM)
    • 6.4 Finding Prime Numbers
    • 6.5 Fibonacci sequence
    • 6.6 Consecutive Sums
    • 6.7 Exercises
  • 7. Functions
    • 7.1 Finding the Highest Common Factor (using function)
    • 7.2 Generate Lotto Numbers (using a function)
    • 7.3 Finding the LCM for multiple numbers (using function)
  • 8. File and Network
    • 8.1 Calculate average score
    • 8.2 Count words and lines in a text file
    • 8.3 Mail merge birthday invitation cards
    • 8.4 Rename files
    • 8.5 Currency exchange with live quoting
    • 8.6 Exercises
  • 9. Object Oriented Programming
    • 9.1 Calculator (Class)
    • 9.2 Age of Teacher and Students
    • 9.3 Calculate Sales Tax
    • 9.4 Library System
    • 9.5 Sunflower vs Zombies Game Simulation
    • 9.6 Exercises
  • 10. Classic Puzzles
    • 10.1 Google Labs Aptitude Test
    • 10.2 Fibonacci and HCF (Recursion)
    • 10.3 Calculate Compound Interest
    • 10.4 Farmer Crosses River Puzzle
    • 10.5 Cryptic Math Equation (Backtracking)
    • 10.6 More Puzzle Exercises
  • 11. Mac OS X App - iSpeak
    • 11.1 Create Xcode Cocoa Project
    • 11.2 Design UI in XIB
    • 11.3 Connect button action
    • 11.4 Connect text field outlet
    • 11.5 Add code to speak the text
    • 11.6 Run the app
    • 11.7 Distribute the app
  • 12. Build iOS App - iCurrency
    • 12.1 Design
    • 12.2 Create Xcode iOS project
    • 12.3 Xcode Storyboards and Interface Builder
    • 12.4 Link UI to Controller
    • 12.5 Add Code Logic
    • 12.6 Convert currencies
    • 12.7 Add Image Assets
    • 12.8 Add app icon
    • 12.9 Optimize
    • 12.10 Distribute to your iPhone
  • Appendix 1 Swift in Nutshell
  • Appendix 2 Solutions
    • Chapter 2
    • Chapter 3
    • Chapter 4
    • Chapter 5
    • Chapter 6
    • Chapter 7
    • Chapter 8
    • Chapter 9
    • Chapter 10
    • Chapter 11
    • Chapter 12
  • Resources
    • Online resources
    • Books
    • Software

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