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Learn Python in Ten Minutes

Learn Python in Ten Minutes

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Learn Python in Ten Minutes Edit


About the Book

This is the ebook version of the freely available tutorial "Learn Python in Ten Minutes". It is made available here in a more convenient format for offline reading, but contains, otherwise, exactly the same material as the online tutorial.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 Learn Python in Ten Minutes
    • 1.1 Preliminary fluff
    • 1.2 Properties
    • 1.3 Getting help
    • 1.4 Syntax
    • 1.5 Data types
    • 1.6 Strings
    • 1.7 Flow control statements
    • 1.8 Functions
    • 1.9 Classes
    • 1.10 Exceptions
    • 1.11 Importing
    • 1.12 File I/O
    • 1.13 Miscellaneous
    • 1.14 Epilogue
  • 2 Learn Python in More Minutes
    • 2.1 Extra fluff
    • 2.2 Developing and deploying Python programs

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