Lean Procrastination
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Lean Procrastination

The TrustArtist's Guide to a Mindful and Whole-Hearted Organisation

About the Book

Lean Procrastination helps and amplifies personal and tribal flourishing. We focus on positivity and effectiveness.

Practitioners of Lean Procrastination are proficient in Temenos, Cynefin and Real Options. Temenos gives us individual and shared purpose and fosters authentic connections. Cynefin enables us to make sense of our environments and use strategies that fit our context to achieve our purpose. Real Options help us be conscious of our choices, make sensible decisions, and remove coercion of our language and systems.

We aim for whole-hearted organisations, where every human being loves what she does and is loved for what she does. Organisations that achieve not only economic, yet also relational flow.  

We understand that true transformation, achievement of a break-through culture, requires positive disintegration and continual challenge of the status quo.

About the Author

Olaf Lewitz
Olaf Lewitz

I am the Trust Artist. I make people happy. I de-scale organisations.

You deserve to love what you do, and be loved for what you do.

Let me help you to trust yourself and others, to discover who you are, what you want, and who you want to become.

You will gain clarity and courage to let go of those things which sabotage your success.

I will share your pain and help you discover your successful self.

I’ve been helping organisations improve since 1998.

I started using XP in 1999. I have been agile all my life.

I’m a Certified Scrum Coach and proud of it.

I’ve worked with and influenced hundreds of organisations.

There are thousands of coaches world-wide.

And of those, only 57 are Certified Scrum Coaches.

And there is only one Trust Artist.

I am the Trust Artist.

Table of Contents

  • Quotes
  • Lean Procrastination
    • Our Vision
    • Buzzwords
    • We-Language
    • Skeptical?
    • Feedback
  • How To Read This Book
  • Structure (Plan)
  • The Shu-Ha-Ri model of Lean Procrastination
    • Basics
    • Drive—do it with Love
    • The Levels
    • Take away
    • Acknowledgements
  • A Betterness Landscape
    • Whole-Hearted Organisation: A Definition
    • How to get there: NO MODELS, NO RULES
  • Last Responsible Moment—A Mindset
    • Always Too Early
    • Last (Later)
    • Responsibility (For Your Options)
    • Moment(s)
    • Lean Procrastination
  • Real Options—a Mindset
    • Decisions and Commitments
    • Three Principles
    • Commitment and Risk
    • More Options?
  • When Is Uncertainty Hard?
  • Real Options and Complexity
    • Real Options are Attractors
    • Real Options as Safe-to-Fail Experiments
    • Real Options Help Explore the Potential of the Present
  • Validate Your Influence
    • Validated Influencing
    • Slides
    • Example Indicators and Tools
    • Inspiration
  • Deliberate Exaptation
  • Assume You Got It Wrong
    • Assume you don’t need to do it
    • Try to prove it doesn’t work
    • Start with error cases
  • Pretend It Works
  • Thoughts on Words
    • Resources
    • Waterfall
    • “Ideal” Days (Hours, …)
    • Engineering
    • Architecture
    • Change
    • Process
    • Models
  • Thoughts on Words: Project
    • Project
  • Thoughts on Words: Change
    • Change: Fearless? Hard?
    • Real Options: Explore Betterness
    • Life is Uncertainty
    • Risk Management
    • Gratitude
  • Bonus Tracks
  • Which Agile Fits Your Culture?
    • Get A Grip
    • Wake Them Up
    • Challenge Mindset, Not Culture
    • Related Posts
  • Executive Amazement
    • Crowd-Sourcing Strategy
    • Embracing and Keeping Emotions
    • Enabling Excellence
  • Coaching is a 100% client-focused conversation
    • What is Coaching?
    • Mapping Authority and Coaching
  • What is Agile Coaching?
    • Professional Coaching
    • Engagement
    • Minimum Required Skills
    • Guiding Principles
    • Related Posts
  • Spotting the Balance
    • Related Posts
  • Balance: Teaching vs. Coaching
    • What is Teaching?
    • What is Coaching?
    • Agile Coaching
    • Frames
    • Zoom in on the right problem
    • Switching Modes
    • Balancing
    • Knowledge Injection?
  • Why I Love the Linchpin Book
    • Start With Why
    • Judge By the Outcome
    • If Everyone…
    • Linchpin Is Viral
    • A Book For Everyone?
  • How To Organise a Conference
    • ALE2011
    • How We Started
    • Sofas
    • Tools
    • Current Plans
    • Anarchy with a Purpose—a Model for Emergent Awesomeness
    • The Purpose—Start With WHY
    • Pull Value Using Feature Injection
    • Balance Commitments using Real Options
    • Distributed Cognition, Avoiding a Backlog
    • Related Posts
  • ALE2011—The WHY: Vision and Purpose
    • What Did I Miss Before ALE?
    • Vision
    • What I Have Now
    • What I Wish For the Future
  • Kanban Considered Harmful? turned into Quality of Life
    • Kanban Considered Harmful?
    • Agile Adoption in the Large
    • Managing Management Expectations
    • Deception is Not the Point
    • Conversations and Truth
    • Is Deception Irrelevant?
    • Related Posts
  • Lead As If You Meant It
    • Inspiration and Values
  • Magnificence Mantra
  • People Like Us

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