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The Lean Change Method

The Lean Change Method

Managing Agile Organizational Transformation Using Kanban, Kotter, and Lean Startup Thinking

Learn how to manage agile adoption initiatives using the Lean Change method. The Lean Change method extends the Kotter change management lifecycle with high feedback, iterative planning practices based on validated learning and other techniques taken from Lean Startup.
The Lean Change Method Edit
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About the Book

The Lean Change Method is a practical how-to guide for anyone wanting to transform their technology business.

Co-Create Your Change

The Lean Change method will teach you collaborative and innovative techniques to manage Agile change.

Validate Your Transformation

Learn how to systematically test your change plan and iterate based on just-in-time feedback.

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Table of Contents

    • Introduction
      • Who Is the Lean Change Method for?
      • Focus Is on Practice Not Theory
      • This Book Assumes That the Reader Has Knowledge of Various Lean and Agile Techniques, Terms, and Buzzwords
      • A Brief Thank You to the Giants Who Have Inspired This Method
      • A Quick Blurb on Copyright/Legalese
      • What Is the Current Status of Lean Change?
      • Book Summary
      • The Lean Change Method Is Still a Work in Progress
  • I The Core Method
    • 1 Explaining the Lean Change Method
      • Managing Agile Change
      • Managing Agile Change Using Lean Thinking
      • Managing Change through the Kotter Eight Steps of Change Lifecycle
      • Managing Change Like a Startup
      • Managing Change Flow through Kanban
      • Key Principles behind Lean Change
    • 2 Managing Change with a Change Canvas
      • Communicate Your Change Plan Using a Change Canvas
      • Co-Create Your Change Plan through Negotiated Change
    • 3 Building a Minimum Viable Change
      • Reduce the Scope of Your Change to Make It Minimal
      • Introduce Improvement Experiments to Validate That Your Change Is Viable
    • 4 The Validated Change Lifecycle
      • Introducing the Validated Change Lifecycle
      • Agree on the Urgency of Change
      • Negotiate the Change Solution
      • Validate Adoption
      • Verifying Performance
      • Looking at How the Canvas Evolves through the Lifecycle
      • Communicating Information Coming Out Of the Validated Change Lifecycle
  • II Advanced Techniques and Topics
    • 5 Exploring The Change Canvas In Detail
      • Urgency
      • Change Participants
      • Vision
      • Target Options
      • Actions
      • Success Criteria
      • Commitments
      • Benefits
      • Communication
      • Techniques to Consider
      • Agreeing on the Urgency of Change
      • Negotiating a Change Solution
      • Validating That Change Recipients Can Adopt
      • Verifying That Performance Is Improving
    • 6 A Pattern Language for Agile Change
      • The Agile Change Patterns Shift the Focus of Learning Depending on Where You Are in Your Agile Transformation
      • The Quick Win
      • Kernel Pilot
      • Kernel Adoption
      • Self-Starter
      • Capability Modernization
  • III Managing Enterprise Transformations
    • 7 The Transformation Canvas
      • The Purpose of the Transformation Canvas
      • Traversing the Canvas Based on Risk
      • Prioritizing MVCs For a Transformation
    • 8 Enterprise Transformation Cadence Model
      • Overall Cadence Model
      • Change Agent Standup
      • Sponsor and Stakeholder Update
      • Change Agent Planning
      • Insight Analysis
      • Reprioritizing and Changing the MVC Backlog
      • Validate and Refresh Change Canvas
      • Transformation Canvas Refresh
      • Update and Share Metrics
    • Appendix
      • Traditional Approaches to Technology Delivery Is No Longer Suited to Today’s Market
      • Agile Transformation Is Extremely Hard

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