Lean Bites by Matthias Marschall et al. [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Lean Bites
Lean Bites
Lean Bites

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Completed on 2014-08-11

About the Book

Foreword by Patrick Debois

Patrick Debois is the lucky guy that coined the term DevOps and enthusiast ever since. Organizer of Devopsdays.org

This book demystifies DevOps

You might wonder: What is DevOps? DevOps is a cultural shift in companies towards a more healthy and successful organization. DevOps is based on lean principles - this book will describe the foundations of DevOps as well as concrete ways to introduce it into your organization.

"Lean Bites" is for every technical leader

It will provide you with new insights for making your organization more focused and successful by making your people more productive and satisfied. Your people will love you for removing friction from their daily work and your organization will thank you for creating more value faster than ever seen before.

You know all those other books about agile and lean

Hundreds of pages and hours of reading later, you feel like after a huge meal. You've stuffed so much new information  into your brain, it's difficult to digest it all. How can you start to implement any of the ideas you've read about when you're suffering from information indigestion?

Think about a first class, five course meal instead

Every course comes in small, easily digestible portions. Each portion features a distinct taste and every course builds upon the last. Enjoy a wide variety of flavors without that stuffed feeling at the end. That's the concept behind "Lean Bites".

"Lean Bites" is a collection of our very best articles on lean - short and tasty

While you can find all of these articles on our blog for free, you'd miss out on the thoughtful selection and preparation we've made for "Lean Bites". We hand-picked the articles, re-editing each of them to maximize the value you get out of each single "bite".

In "Lean Bites" we took the chef's approach

Select only the finest ingredients, combining flavors with great care to aid digestion and enhance the dining experience. After reading "Lean Bites", you'll feel well informed with concrete first steps on how to start make your organization create more value faster.

We divided the book into five parts

Part I: Principles & Values

The first part discusses the following topics:

  • How are Lean, Agile, and DevOps Related to Each Other
  • DevOps and the Lean Startup
  • Ownership
  • The 5 Goals of DevOps
  • Put Your Users First
  • Negotiable Scope

Part II: Leadership

The second part consists of the following chapters:

  • Where Agile Starts
  • Stop De-Motivating Your Team
  • Meetings or Trust - Choose Your Weapons
  • Why You Need to Customize Your Agile Methods
  • How Conflicting Goals Create Tug-of-war in Your Organization
  • Has Your Scrum Implementation Caused More Problems Than it Solved?
  • DevOps Anit-Patterns

Part III: Team

In the third part, you can read about:

  • Get Your Team Working Together
  • Successful Teams are Lean and Mean
  • Empower Your Team - You Won't Regret it
  • How to Make a Team Self-organizing
  • Stop Missing out on Collaboration Opportunities by Creating Situation Awareness
  • How to Break Departmental Silos by Forming Feature Teams
  • Leadership in the Online Age: a Reflection on Team-Building

Part IV: Communication

The fourth part consists of:

  • Agile is About Feedback, not About Fancy Practices
  • Visibility Builds Trust
  • Why Projects Fail and how to Make Them Succeed With More Transparency

Part V: Flow

The fifth part consists of the following chapters:

  • End-to-end Flow
  • Small Batches
  • The Big-Bang Release Strikes Back
  • How Delays Render all Your Efforts Useless
  • Three Reasons to Avoid Overloading Your Teams
  • I Want to Start Agile, how can I do That?
  • How Value Stream Mapping can Speed up Your Cycle Time From Years to Weeks
  • Self-brewed Complexity is Evil - Fight it!
  • The Curse of Sub-Optimization

Bonus Part: Lean in the Trenches

Additionally to those five parts you get a section talking about:

  • Why Agile Fails
  • How to Guide a Team Through a Crisis
  • DevOps - Tear Down the Wall

Dan and Matthias started their blog

Agile Web Development & Operations in 2008. There they share their ideas about DevOps since the early days of the continually emerging movement.

Get "Lean Bites" now!

And enjoy the chef's selection of pivotal lean methodologies and practices from the comfort of an e-book.

About the Authors

Matthias Marschall
Matthias Marschall

Matthias Marschall is a Software Engineer "Made in Germany". His four children make sure that he feels comfortable in lively environments, and stays in control of chaotic situations. A lean and agile engineering lead, he's passionate about continuous delivery, infrastructure automation, and all things DevOps.

Matthias is CTO at Stylight, Europes leading online fashion aggregator. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science (Dipl.-Inf. (FH)) and teaches courses on Agile Software Development at the University of Augsburg. He's the author of the "Chef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook".

When not writing or coding, Matthias enjoys drawing cartoons and playing Go. He lives near Munich, Germany.

Dan Ackerson
Dan Ackerson

Dan Ackerson has worked as both a developer and an operations manager. He has gotten all too familiar with the ever widening gap between what developers and customers consider “done”. In order to help narrow this, he’d like to share some of his ideas and experiences concerning the software development processes with a vision towards actually releasing what customers need.

Over the years, he has had many chances to work with developers from all over the world. Whether based locally or offshore, he has found that small, international teams create a highly compelling and intensely motivating work dynamic. He's currently an Operations Engineer at STYLIGHT.

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