Lazy Programmer's Guide to Angular 1.x
Lazy Programmer's Guide to Angular 1.x
Lazy Programmer's Guide to Angular 1.x

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Completed on 2016-08-24

About the Book

What this book is, a comprehensive, yet minimal and brief training on AngularJS framework. it aim to be fluid and fun as possible meanwhile bring to most important concepts and technical details of Angular to the reader.

What Angular is, one of the best frameworks around for building sophisticated and comprehensive web applications. It offers great modularity, MVVM architecture and testability among many other features to ensure the success of your large scale web project.

What you will learn by the end of this book, knowledge to be confident enough to start tackling any web project without the fear of scalability or technical problems. Of course, you will not learn every small tiny detail of many hundred pages of Angular's documentation, but you will learn enough to be able to extend your knowledge easily to any new detail.

What you should learn after finishing this book, Angular 1.x is not the end of the story. Aside from learning Angular2 (which is a platform, not a framework and offers different capabilities) you can learn the following frameworks that use Angular internally, to make the best profit out of your knowledge: Hybrid mobile application frameworks (such as Ionic), Desktop application frameworks (such as Electron), Native mobile application frameworks (such as Nativescript).

Why i wrote this book, I was somehow forced into building a very large web application with angular a few years ago, and it frightened me a lot at first, but as time went by and I got to know the beauty of Angular, everything changed. I even built many desktop and mobile apps using Angular. In this book I tried to bring all of details and experienced that helped me turn from an Angular hater person into a Builds everything using Angular person.

About the Author

Kian Peymani
Kian Peymani

Kian Peymani is a developer, who has had a crush on Web Technologies ever since he first started to use them. Furthermore, he's interested in Artificial intelligence research and backend development with node.

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