The Laravel Survival Guide
The Laravel Survival Guide
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The Laravel Survival Guide

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Completed on 2016-09-12

About the Book

Why The Book? Well, it's not really a book... It's more of a guide (hence the title). A guide to save yourself and others from becoming a zombie developer!

What exactly is a zombie developer? Well, a zombie developer is a developer like you or I, yet they mindlessly hack on PHP apps and do the same thing over and over. These repetitive tasks are incredibly time consuming, and make the developer brain dead. When this happens it gives them a thirst for blood and an urge to kill.

So, instead of letting this happen the developer could have used the amazing Laravel framework for rapid application development. This will help them keep their sanity and it will make coding enjoyable again. Oh, yeah... And it'll save lives.

By learning the basics of Laravel you can save yourself, and possibly others, from becoming a deteriorating zombie developer.

Don't let that inner zombie revive, be sure to keep in hand this Laravel survival guide.

About the Author

Tony Lea
Tony Lea

Tony is a developer & designer in San Diego, California. He works with a team near the beach called The Control Group and has many side projects including:

Most of his projects are built with the awesome Laravel Framework.

Tony has 2 beautiful daughters, an amazing wife, and a great life. Besides writing and learning new things, he also loves to watch football, drink beer, and hack on fun projects!

Table of Contents

  • Thanks
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Getting Started
  • Chapter 2 - Composer & The Laravel Installer
  • Chapter 3 - The Laravel Structure
  • Chapter 4 - Routing
  • Chapter 5 - Models
  • Chapter 6 - Model Relationships
  • Chapter 7 - Mutators
  • Chapter 8 - Views
  • Chapter 9 - Blade
  • Chapter 10 - Controllers
  • Chapter 11 - Piecing It Together
  • Chapter 12 - Artisan
  • Chapter 13 - Middleware
  • Chapter 14 - Authentication
  • Chapter 15 - Requests
  • Chapter 16 - Responses
  • Chapter 17 - Migrations
  • Chapter 18 - Seeds
  • Chapter 19 - Security
  • Chapter 20 - Testing
  • Chapter 21 - Wrapping Up

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