Design Patterns with PHP and… by Kelt Dockins [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Design Patterns with PHP and Laravel
Design Patterns with PHP and Laravel


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Design Patterns with PHP and Laravel

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Completed on 2015-05-30

About the Book

Honestly, two years ago the words design patterns meant very little to me. I had been reading a few books to better my development and a friend suggested a book written twenty years ago by the Gang of Four. After reading it twice and struggling through outdated smalltalk examples, I turned to other sources. I searched wikipedia, google and blogs for each pattern until I finally understood each pattern well enough to write about it. However, I wanted to use patterns in the context of my job. I don't deal with Java applications much anymore. I wanted to know these patterns well enough that I could illustrate how they might be used in the web development world using common popular tools: php and Laravel. The book is for sale at the following url:

About the Author

Kelt Dockins
Kelt Dockins

I am the humble narcissistic web developer. I've worked on small projects, medium size projects and even a few small-medium sized projects. I love being a father, a husband and a developer. I've developed in languages such as Visual Basic 6.0, c++, Java, perl, bash, prolog, .NET stack, html, css, javascript and php. I've been using php and the ever-so popular Laravel framework for the last 3 years to stay at home and eat my bacon while earning it at the same time. I do love bacon.

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