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The Language Hunter's Kit, 2013 edition cover page
The Language Hunter's Kit, 2013 edition

The Language Hunter's Kit, 2013 edition

Become Multilingual, Revitalize Endangered Languages

Become multilingual and create communities of speakers!
The Language Hunter's Kit, 2013 edition Edit
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To get your free copy of the Language Hunt Game Set, download here:

The game set is regularly updated at our google group:!forum/language-hunters


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Your quest for fluency begins with a game - ready to play?


In this book you'll approach the craft of Language Hunting from several different directions; doing it for real, looking at the big picture, looking at the details, reading stories of it in action, and exploring the science behind it. Explore these tried and true practical tools for becoming fluent in your desired languages, developed over thousands of hours of learning game play, and borrowed from well-known accelerated learning methodologies.

Use this book in partnership with documented Language Hunters game videos already publicly available on the internet, and you can begin playing within minutes.

Willem Larsen (president of the non-profit Language Hunters organization) and his colleagues based their work on the understanding that children learn their mother languages through playful imitation. Imagine that same natural learning occurring at much faster rate because as adults, well, we’re not babies anymore - we can use our adult minds to "gamify" the experience, find shortcuts, and improve our own learning.

Willem's goal is to create a multilingual world where kids, adults, families and communities can learn to speak the languages they love easily and joyfully. And not just French, Spanish and German – but indigenous and heritage languages which are currently in a state of crisis and are at risk of being lost forever. Language Hunting has been used with dozens of languages, such as Irish (Gaeilge), Unangam Tunuu (Aleut), Tlingit, and Farsi.

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