The Tale of Krulul the Traveller
The Tale of Krulul the Traveller
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The Tale of Krulul the Traveller

Last updated on 2016-07-17

About the Book

The story of the War of the Ring is widely known in Gondor and the Middle-earth. But how much of it is true and how much is embellishment by minstrels and storytellers? How much has the tale changed as it was told and retold? And who was the enemy?

This short story got second place in the Premios Gandalf awarded by the Sociedad Tolkien Española.

(Cover image: Misty Mountains, by Kirk Quilaquil. License CC BY-NC-ND 3.0.)

This book is a translation into English of El relato de Krulul, el viajero which was originally written in Español.

About the Author

Andrés Diplotti
Andrés Diplotti

Andrés Diplotti es argentino. Actualmente reside en Pergamino, provincia de Buenos Aires. Ha publicado cuentos en varias revistas y concursos literarios. En 2015 obtuvo el segundo premio del certamen de relato Gandalf organizado por la Sociedad Tolkien Española. Además de escribir, es responsable del sitio de humor gráfico La pulga snob. Es posible encontrarlo en Twitter bajo el nombre de usuario @adiplotti.

Table of Contents

  • Short Preface
  • The Tale of Krulul the Traveller
  • The End
  • Cover Art

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