Create and Deliver a Killer Product Demo
Create and Deliver a Killer Product Demo


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Create and Deliver a Killer Product Demo

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Completed on 2017-04-18

About the Book

Every day thousands of companies give demos to sell their products. But the challenges are different. In presales, a bad demo can make your product look too complex. In Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you need to quickly convert signups into active and paying users. In a product launch event, you want a perfect demo both persuasive and memorable.

This book will give you both strategies and inspiration to create killer product demos and sell more.

Three reasons why this book should be on your bookshelf:

  • It's a complete step-by-step guide with practical advice on how to create and deliver effective product demos. It will also help you to avoid common mistakes.
  • You will sell more, easier and better. Your demos will be aligned with your sales process. Make any complex solution look simple.
  • You will create unique demos that your customers will remember. You will learn the 5 steps to create a WOW moment.

Join an elite of professionals who are known for their killer product demos!

About the Author

Oscar Santolalla
Oscar Santolalla

Oscar Santolalla helps technology companies to turn product demonstrations into unique benefits-driven selling experiences. With over a decade in the technology arena, he regularly writes in international blogs and gives talks and workshops worldwide. Since 2014 Oscar hosts the public speaking podcast Time to Shine. He lives in Helsinki, Finland.

About the Contributors

Bill Doerrfeld
Bill Doerrfeld


Bill Doerrfeld is a technologist and writer interested in disruptive software and projecting technology of the future. He is especially devoted to tracking the API economy, and is the Editor in Chief for Nordic APIs, a blog and knowledge base devoted to helping API (Application Programming Interface) providers refine their platforms. Follow him on Twitter, Linkedin, or reach out via email. Visit for more.

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